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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )【 9 albums 75 lyrics 】
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Shoot For The Face 2 2017
1.The Return
2.Sad Song
3.Promise (Ft. Iso)
4.Fuck Em All (Ft. Charlie Ray)
5.Won't Pass (Provided)
6.Netflix And Kill (Ft. Blayne & Lyrikal) (Provided)
7.Chop Suey (Ft. Brotha Lynch Hung & Iso)
8.The Taco Shop
9.Oe (Provided)
10.The Hardest (Ft. Dikulz) (Provided)
11.Drugs Sex And Violence (Ft. Charlie Ray)
12.Full Speed Ahead (Ft. Kamikazi & Dalima) (Provided)
13.A Message To The Rap Game
15.What's Up
16.Down The Street (Skit) (Provided)
17.Creepin Thru The Dark (Provided)
The Last Demon 2014
1.The Initial High
2.The Last Demon
3.ILL Smith (feat. Rittz) (Provided)
5.Die Slow
6.I Went Insane (feat. Jelly Roll) (Provided)
9.I Created War
10.Speak of the Devil
11.Slippin (feat. Khadijah Lopez)
12.Insanes Interlude (Provided)
13.Fee Fi Fo Fum (feat. Iso) (Provided)
14.Behind the Mask
15.Floor Boards (feat. Kamikazi) (Provided)
16.Fusion (feat. Charlie Ray) (Provided)
17.Life After Death (feat. Aqualeo) (Provided)
18.Gangsta (Provided)
19.Make It Out of This Room (Provided)
20.Spell On You (Provided)
21.Somethin Scary (Provided)
22.The Good the Bad and the Ugly
1.The Leash
2.Bodies in the River
4.The Chop Shop
6.200 Round Clip
The Root of All Evil
1.Kick Rocks
2.Stack It Up
3.Venom (Re-Twisted)
4.Gangbang Swang
The Monster In The Dark
1.The Evergassin Gobstopper
3.Machine Gun Ft Spice 1
4.Venom Ft Marvaless And Zigg Zagg
The Insane Asylum
1.The Insane Asylum
2.Bat Outta Hell
3.I Could've Been
4.On My Shit
5.I Kill
Shoot For The Face Deluxe Edition
1.The Initial High
2.Twisted Insane
3.A Spider In The Night
4.From The Dome
5.Sweet Dreams
Root Of All Evil
2.100 Round Clip
3.Beneath The Stars
4.Pick Your Poison (feat. Charles Xavier)
5.Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (feat. Charles Xavier)
6.Pick Your Poison
7.Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
9.Ed Gein
10.In My Darkest Hour

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