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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

What's Up

You're all a bunch of fuckin' assholes
You know why?
You don't have guts to be who you want to be
You need people like me
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You need people like me so you can point your fuckin' fingers…
And say that's the bad guy

[Twisted Insane]
I get tired of it
I've had it up to here
Nigga I ain't wrote shit to this yet
Fuck it I'm just gonna come in like this though, look

Ungh, Ungh, Yeah

What's up?

[Verse 1]
You remember talking to me on the phone actin like you was a gangsta?
Never thought I would pull up
With an automatic and some bull nuts
I could run up on you put the gun up on you
But I'd really rather just bank it, So um, what's up? (Sup nigga?)
Two armed men
Wait up in the parking lot 'for you to go to lunch time
One pulls out
One blockin' you in makin' it hard for you to leave in
If you make it past
I'll put my foot up on the gas
I'll pull dub nines
Nigga, what's up?
The 40 bottle and the brain got a nigga gone off Malt liquor
He was talkin like he really wanna to put a flame to that bitch
His brain may be sick
Mine is much sicker. Brainiacs, What's up?
They don't want no fade, homie its bout time to dip
They don't want that trap pull up on a singer, hit em with a mac
100 bloods in this muthafucka backed up by 100 crips nigga
What's up?

Did you get that shit?
Gimme time to hit the blunt
What's uhhh
That's real shit
Ok I'm comin' in
Come along!
What's up?
(Whasup blood)

[Verse 2]
Here we go another keyboard tapper talkin tough i bet you feelin' safe behind your fuckin' facebook
Never wanted me to pop it leave you in a rut fuck around and get beat up by boppa leave you in an alley in Killa Cali ain't no doubt about it nigga, they shook!
What up?
When a homie say I'm different
I'm like
I don't make my music for one no group
Niggas be often stuck in the grass I'm movin', on the run to shoot my (space?) kill em all no tricks my shit is provin', I will not lose (hahaha)

Gang bang green flags on the right side
92 nigga where was you knocking niggas out like night night
Jerry curls with the gold dees
Nike 410's fuck the police
Send him runnin back to your little bitch fuck the shit up out of your pipe line
What's up nigga?
You ain't wanna go you wanna sit up in the house with that bitch
I be on the road non-stop homie do about a hundred shows, packin a bit and all but a million people yellin' BRAINSICK, BLAW, Whats up!

Shit, take time out to gather my thoughts nigga, do you hear me yet, do you hear me yet? I WILL NOT LOSE!
Mm, yeah

Whats up?

[Verse 3]
Blood niggas start to mention that my (girl?) my basement
Never know a nigga pull up and throwin' the hood up then they get to bookin'
They get to runnin' i'ma get behind the wheel and i will get to chasin' really don't matter get yo man to splatter put em in a platter and i be like fuck em
Now everybody wanna pay attention did i fully mention didn't nobody listen i was always spittin', rippin' nigga's up for what you done to (?) let them murder everybody wanna go against a burner guess i gotta dominate em, do i really got to sit and listen to this little bitch and talkin' just abominate her