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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

On My Shit

I be all on my shit, I be all on my shit, I be all on my shit, nigga I be all on my shit
People standin' in line, bitch they ain't no denyin', major's all in my line i need six million wastin' my time shit I be all off of my shit that's why they pillin' in my shows
Shit is sick the moshpit that nigga's all wildin' to my flows
Fuck around and get famous
Fuck around and get rich
Fuck around and get watered down and get super clown in this bitch nigga
Shit that'll never be me, these our the fools ain't spittin' right
And if you just hearin' bout' me, That shit's cool but i been tight
Do the work, research, look at the clips on Youtube
Look at the fans that be at my shows, so don't be lookin' at a nigga like who's you
Solid nigga, speak the truth, i ain't superman but i can take a punch
I ain't got alot bitch i ain't rich, i still eat ramen for lunch
I still eat on captain crunch, your nigga eat on fruity pebble's
Im still up in the ally drunk for these bitch nigga's tryin' but they (keep it ghetto)

And I be all up on my shit and that is what you get for hangin' with these super good ass nigga's
They don't really want it when they run up on a hundred and i only hang around with super (hood ass nigga's)
Hit em' with the venom like i was a spinnin' cobra multiplied when off of gasoline
I would step into em' actin' up and soup 'em up with forty blunt's and do it till i never mash for green
Nigga's off the weed, i feel it lift me off my feet, i put a bullet to their teeth, i only fill 'em up with heat
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But ask me if i could be beat, i feel nobody could compete, i did this shit all by myself and didn't nobody care bout' me
Yes im a weirdo im a freak and yes they wanna hear me speak and do it every single and doin' it all but getin' geeked
It's feelin' like im pullin teeth, enables trick and all this beef and do 'em whenever they wanna run up and get an autograph from me
Room filled up full of gangsta nigga's, some of 'em don't want photo's took, camera's out, cell phone, Ipads, all get took
You be off that captain hook, i be off that peter pan, way to hot but still way to cold and i do a show for bout' twenty grand

(and i don't really know, if the world is ready for somebody like me, hahahahahaha, oh well)
Everybody always wanna fill my head i feel like i was feelin' all up on the black rain
Never thought that i would get up out the situation i was in when i spin but i only got change
And watchin' other rapper's all up in the rap game and they wanted that change but they only got fame
Wanna hit the weed but the only got cane, sign up in the game and still they got main
Now the reefer rushin' feel the repercussion hope nobody fussin' this is what you all signed up for
Bitch im twisted insane and im in another lane off the chicken chow mein and a Siamese ho
Why me for, why me who you Twisted Insane bitch, who the fuck you too, ask about a nigga like me young nigga
Don't no about a nigga like me dumb nigga, im killin' anybody wanna go against me, murder anybody wanna go against me
Yup, servin' anybody wanna go against me, hamburger anybody like a nigga minced meat, wait, who is he? im me yup im the one
The show is never over until i begun, wait, who is he? im me yup im the one
(the show is never over until i begun.)