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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

Behind the Mask

As I travel the globe
People come to my shows
And they want to know
What's behind the mask

Is that twisted insane?
Oh my god it is
I think he's the best, and he raps so fast
I don't know how he do it
Man I heard he ain't human
I heard he's a ghost
I heard he's a demon
I heard he's a monster
Ain't from this world

What's behind the mask?

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The mask, the mask, the mask
My war paint designed to strike fear and reveal the monster inside
A representation of the demon within
A visual to my soul
A symbol of my presence
When I enter this mask, I enter my realm
I see the world as is and as is the world sees me
Ha Ha Ha Ha!

I can already hear you talking twisted is the wicked so we talking about the heat or he be rapping too fast
Behind the mask always talking in subliminals
But tell me why the fuck they want to label me a criminal
Under estimate me I'm a motherfucking general
I'll pull a razor blade and get to chopping off your genitals
And I could be drunk driving up outta crash man
Full up on the pedal [?]I put ya with the gas tank
[?]for the people dying I am living life up in the fast lane
I'm Jason and Freddy mixed with a little Eddie
Scissorhands chopping people up into confetti
Left them laying in the street chest looking like spaghetti
I be standing on the corner if you want me come and get me
It's like Amityville but on the real sometimes I feel like I'm a demon
Doesn't matter who I believe in
I used to be afraid when it was dark
Now I sit without the can in front of folks with my forty and my weed in
I bet you feeling real safe when you talk shit from your keyboard in your home, quiet as a mouse
Don't know who you was fucking with
I could be the one to get a fully loaded gun and get to breaking in your house
Told your people I'm the wrong
Wanna bring the fuck or two
Do you think it's music but I really bring the heat
Do it to your face, murder was the case
See the demons all around me every time a nigga try to speak
Thought about chopping off the feet there will be no running
When I cut you up I'll put you in a room full of pain
I'm getting sick and tired of all the people on the internet
That's wolfing up but they don't really want to see insane

They ain't phasing my sick (says nigga after 3rd & 7th)

Real pain, redrum They tell me I'm a devil because the way I spit it
Tell me gets em reminiscing about some kind of wicked demons
You find out what's behind the mask you're running from
Why don't you erase the dark and tell me what you [?]
Open this enough to win a [?]feeling me
The fact that you continue with this crap it all be killing me
I never dream? please you stupid bitch cuz that would? as ill as me
You'll never get the realer me
Niggas run up and then get knocked out then I put the shit on Instagram
Nigga better back up he can act tough
He was fruity as a motherfucking Toucan Sam
Nigga that [?]
They don't want to see behind the mask because they be look into the eyes of horror death
So mythological and diabolical I'll rearrange an itty-bitty brand and put my symbol on your chest
Turn your room into a mess
on your dress [?]not to mention all the bloody walls
Fuck your negativity if you ain't got no Righteous shit to say about a niggas shit don't say that shit at all
I be looking at the feed
Smoking on my weed
Take a hit and get to trippin on you motherfuckers wolf
If I hear somebody say I'm [?]fuck this bitch at a show where she [?]
When it come to pimpin' I'mma play it by the book
Walk behind a nigga use the shadow of a pimp
And everything you hoes ever done to me we [?]number one [?]bitch
Skip to my lou and kick rocks when you dip
Fuck 'em and I cut 'em bitch you already know
Pick your poison and bring your boys in this motherfucker so they can come and carry the body out the door