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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

The Taco Shop

Amigo, Amigo!
Ahh, I am Pepe!
And I have what you need
So what's your poison, eh?
Uppers, Downers, In's, Out's?
I can get it all!
You got that look in your eye, eh?
I know you
You want some Choo-Choo!

Matta' fact
Try'na hit the slopes
Buckle Up

Jump up in the bed and gimme head
And you can bet that every time I walk
Up in the room the women want to fuck
82 percent'll go up and take the D'
You need to get some kinda brace for
When you take it in the gut
But the boyfriend on the loose
So when they tell me cuz' they knew
That she was comin' to my show that she was
In my VIP
Said she would handle my erection
Don't you got' 'em man
I mean I'm kinda faded and
It will be our little secret, and I will tell you, might as well, she Told me that
She like to listen my music while
She playing with her clit
Ask her where she hid the scalpel
Told her hip or not
She told me that she find the size upon me playing with my dick
Showed up at my show and told me that she wanna'
Take me round the corner fo'
A quickie just so that I can get that ass
Told me that I was her boyfriend's favorite rapper
That's a set-up, That's some funny shit for you to do to get an

Ready when I run up in the taco shop
That hyna had ass
I was drinkin' up to catch up while the hammer taught, ready to blast
She was a pinche puta

Amigo amigo
Ey you were right eh?
It's so good, It's so good, you were right
But I know what you want
You want some Choo-Choo!

[Verse 2]
I'ma hit it with the Boomstick like LL
In too deep with the wrench an' the pussy don't smell well
Hat's off to you motherfuckers who jump in
Like fuck it all with the sawn-off
And the dance off with the bitch out like perl rails
Yep, that's me!
I don't care what you say
9 times outta 10 it'll be like
'Insane? He's OK'
Tell your bitches in my aim
I talk about this nigga so lame
Can you do this body hit so I can splash in your face?
Bust a nut upon your titties, water and some leche
I'ma lick the pussy while she sucking on my cuete
Enchiladas, sutaca carni inside a guaca
Holdin' with the .40 for my homie, little pepe
Told me she would let me do some freaky shit
I mean the sickest shit you could imagine
I'm a different kinda fuck boo
I be doin' mental shit to bitches
They don't wonder with the dick
They can't compete
There ain't no other nigga
Fuck you!