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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )


I happen to believe in life after death
But I dont think it's got a thing to do with reward and punishment
Religion is always under control of business
Uh...and that's something people don't really understand
It''s in the guilt-producing control business
(I have visions of my death
Made true by the wrath of men who have the stench of 400 years asphyxiating every stranded poor
The more hatred the more death
The more die the more hate
The great evil is upon us)
And if you have Heaven as a place where you rewarded for your goodness
And Hell is a place where you punished for your evil
Then you sort of...has control over population
And so they create this fiery place which has quite literally scared the hell outta a lot of people throughout this industry
And it's part of a control tactic
But wait a minute, you're saying that Hell
The idea of a place under the earth or somewhere where you're tormented for an eternity is a human invention of the church
Yeah and the church fired its furnaces hotter than anybody else
The church doesn't like for people to grow up
Because you can't control grownups

[Verse 1]
Middle of the night I hear somebody at the window and I'm wide awake
Grab the heater out the closet moving down the hall and looking for my kids
Woke 'em up and told 'em, 'Do not make a sound. Somebody in the kitchen
Daddy got a whip and ain't nobody steppin' to you baby. Hurry up. I don't know who it is
Get ya shit, then get to tippy-toeing down the staircase with a scared face
And if anybody tries to come and get you, I'ma shoot 'em right up in the lung
Meet you bottom of the stairs.' Nobody was there
'Hide behind a chair. If anyone come or I don't make it back in a couple of minutes, go ahead and run.'
I begun
Walking up into my kitchen looking for my sons
Heard a click clack, turned around, that's when I saw the triv
Some motherfucker with a mask on had my son tied up
Laughing with a millimeter pointed at him
'I'ma put the gun down. Let him live. Don't trip
I got money, you can have it all
Hop up in the whip, ride away and I won't say a motherfucking word to another soul about this.'
The harder man'll roll. Take a nigga hollow. what you want? I got a rig I ain't even be in. What you want you gotta come and get it. Take a nigga's whole shit.'
I got...I got AK-47s in the freezer
I ain't finna tell him bout the heaters or the millimeter in the speaker
He's peeking in the hallway
Knowing my daughter's right there hiding behind a chair, all I really care is these motherfuckers don't see her
I need her
Get to walking up the stairs and my son's still
In the kitchen with the masked man and his hand stands on the gun still
Took 'em right up in the room, told a nigga wait, opened up the safe, I don't really give a shit about the money but it won't be funny if a nigga son's killed
Be frugal, gucci
Snake a nigga like I'm Lucci
Get a nigga like he did himself on a wind-chime like I'm Bruce Lee
Someone gotta pinch a nigga, I don't know if shit is real
Fuck a dollar bill, feeling like I'm in a nightmare but I'm right there in a movie
Yours truly
Never underestimate a motherfucker like me
I ain't got no kind of friends
If I was in the pin then ain't nobody write me
I ain't ever believe in Jesus, even if I did, what I'm about to do to these two motherfuckers in my house'll make a (?) come and spite me

(Because you can't control grownups)


I'm the devil in the flesh
Demons follow every time
I'ma make it to your house
Pull up with a black mask, put 'em in the back, my niggas killer wicked, I'm
I'm the devil in the flesh
Demons follow every time
I'ma make it to your house
Pull up with a black mask, put 'em in the back, my niggas killer wicked, I'm

Ay, look you got what you came for man. Just let my son go man
(Let me go!)
Just let my son go, man. He only seven years old. He ain't do shit man

Murder with a black mask, put 'em in the back, my niggas killer wicked, I'm

Okay it's alright. It's gon' be alright
(Daddy, help me!)
Come on. Come on man. Just let him go
Let him go. He ain't got nothing to do with this. Just take me. I'm the one you want

Murder with a black mask, put 'em in the back, my niggas killer wicked, I'm

[Verse 2]
Now they got me in the bathroom
Laughing at me like a baboon
Thinking out I don't know these people
But they don't know me either
Hid the millimeter in the speaker and these motherfuckers they just don't know how eager
I be when you cried me, I'm sickening
I been known to mutilate the body and I'm on a (?) for the gun
My son run up out the room, hit him with a broom
(?) nice to meet you (?) what you want to do to make a nigga pull the trigger and be hella done