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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )


Some say I get a little overboard with alcohol
Takin' 'em to the face, the razor blades for those who doubted all
Tellin' me who's about to ball
I couldn't give a fuck, I'm on the bus, wrong neighborhood with the wrong outfit on

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I didn't choose this path I'm on....This path chose me
I'm just walkin' this motherfucker tryin' find out where it lead me to

[Verse 1]
And I was on that O.E talkin' shit, but I'm really walkin' it
You was merely wolfin' bout how you was gon' be poppin' shit
Waited for a minute, but this nigga never did it
So I got up and I spitted in his face and then I yacked his bitch
Fucked her in the Escalade, fucked the bitch this yesterday
Ate the bitch's gush she got the pussy on my breath today
I be livin' life like, I'm about to die so
I'm about to pipe every bitch like its death today
Mayday, Mayday, everybody's dyin'
Told you bitches from that get that you would end up cryin'
All your favorite rappers, man they mothafuckin' lyin'
All you bitches talk about is glitter and your diamonds
You be in the slow lane, I be on the speed-boat
But I found a fast bitch, and I hope she deep-throat
And she got a boyfriend but I bet that he don't
Know that she be fuckin' suckin' actin' like a cheap ho
Hoppin' the fences, but when I'm trippin' my heart is the beat
And I'm lookin' for anyone handed by trigger
My niggas that live with the bood and livin' their life on the street
But when nobody could pull up and put one up into me
Havin' me up in the funeral, people lookin' at me
And I coughed and saw the motherfuckas bring the heat
It is the season, give me a reason to put it up
To another bitter, that kid with the pistol
And then when I'm up and in front of ya ready to squeeze
Choppin' and shankin' whenever niggas ready
Straight irkin' at Freddy like a nigga Freddy
I'm ready to bust 'em off like hella steady bringin' all you mothafuckas to ya knees

Niggas always been up in they feelin's
I thought you was a pimp
I'm sick of these niggas that need some healin'
Because they lost a chick

Quit actin' like a bitch
He actin' like a bitch

[Verse 2]
I ain't ever acted like a bitch
I could give a fuck, if a chick sick a duck lil nigga
I be only worried bout my chips, you can take a butt on a slut, make a buck little nigga
You wanna hit the store shit. I go where the weed go
Slept in the street. Give a fuck 'bout ya ego
Take her to the bathroom. She told me she could deep-throat
I know she couldn't take the D, I guarantee that she'll choke
I be up on some real shit. You be up on buffoonery
Always up in ya video, just cussin' about ya jewelry
Niggas steady geffing but they really fuckin' bustin' bout some fuckin foolery
I cut a body in a section hangin' by utensil it never was cool of me
I'm always sleepin' every night but ask me if I ever fucked a bitch
Meet her in a different neighborhood up in the ho, she really on some other shit
Fuck her in so many different ways, skeeted on her face
Had the ho screamin' my name, squirtin' all over this motherfucker
But I ain't the bitch's government
Niggas actin' like they really want to run up on a nigga for a bitch, shit
I'mma hit a nigga so hard, that's low heart trip, let me sick
That's the type of shit that make a nigga
Wanna hit the club in front of honey who, bitch?
Who gotta nigga at the house but really give a fuck
She holdin' on a new dick. I'm just sayin'
Fuck a lovey dovey, I be in it for the pussy
Dump a nigga comin' outta ya motherfucka really don't wanna push me
Give a nigga hella head then, give a nigga hella nookie
Meet up in the middle like a Oreo cookie



Some say I get a little overboard with alcohol
Yeah, admittedly I do...

I wanna thank everybody for gatherin' around and coming to this mothafucka today
You know, we've seen many mothafuckin' moods, and traveled many mothafuckin' paths to be here today
Didn't we?
And you will all be accepted
Didn't they tell you you couldn't do it?
Didn't they say you wouldn't ever be shit?
You feel like you wanna just die, right?
I know. But we, Twisted Insane encourage every one of you to follow along
Join us
You will all be accepted
You will all be accepted
Join me