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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

Drugs Sex And Violence (Ft. Charlie Ray)

[Verse 1:Twisted Insane]
I rise out the bed next to this bitch who got head, she did not stop til' I said so
Came 'cause she thought I had bread, I cannot wait til' she find out I'm dead broke
Walked in the party with C.Ray, no CK, no BK just homies all bool and shit
Niggas is deep in this bitch it was filled up with Eses and Bloods, Pirus and Rips
Bitch get up in the back seat it's on take it to the pad then I stab, get up in they guts, I'm that one who sick
Having these hoes thinkin' a nigga love em, what the fuck I'm not the first one up in here who done done that shit
Drunk feelin' like a skunk, blood I'm faded my frame get up in her brain, Mr. Insane got a couple tricks up my sleeve bruh
Sick, put her in a ditch fuck that bitch I got dick that'll make a ho go berserk, puttin' in work like a cheetah
Squirtin' all the way to the curtains for certain
All the way to my bedrooms from the club where you twerkin'
Ass up in this muhfucka til' the pussy hole was hurtin'
When I hang around all day I'm like nah bitch I'm workin'
I don't wanna be sittin' in here with a bitch, ain't gonna benefit I bet I make em' all kick rocks, do I sound innerate
Oh well I'm already going to Hell got one foot up in the pit
Niggas actin' like a muhfucka so scared to jump in this bitch
I coulda been that one that killed, 'member that don't you
Pull up on her in a van then hop out, bitch I want you
Show her the blade of my new knife, say bye bye to your old life
Calm down I really don't mean to taunt you
I'm a skitzo and a nympho
Maniac with a mask on get my sack on to the floor, homie I'm an old school type nigga
Whenever they want the one on one and just for me to come through with the gun *doo doo* I put two through ya liver

[Hook: C.Ray]
They know I got drugs, sex and violence in my veins
Tryin' not to feel this pain
Tryin' not to blow they brains on out
I be tryin' to see about these hoes
When I meet em at these shows
Her and I about to roll on out
And I knew things would never be the same 'long as I can get this change and they fuck with me no way no how
Drugs, sex and violence in my veins
When you find me with the brain
Finnin' to dominate this game no doubt

[Verse 2: C.Ray]
I rise out the bed next to this bitch who man trippin'
When she get back to the crib that she dead
She like fuck what he said
Then proceed to blow me no floaties, no low key, no shame, no regrets
Haven't heard from her since, but fuck it homie I be onto the next
I don't wanna waste time on wastin' time I don't stress
I been runnin' with a bunch of hooligans who stomp on yo chest
If you ever try to make a move again it'll be off with yo head
But check it, I be with the homies
And I don't give a fuck if don't nobody get to know me
I don't even hit em up they on my line and tryna blow me
Drunk assuming into FUTA bet I party like a spodie, you know me
Got her feelin' like my one and only
But only hit her up when ain't no other bitches on me
And I'm horny
Fuck em all you sucka niggas phony
But I'ma hit yo mama with the mamba like I'm Kobe
I'm ultra introverted
But let her kick it with me you can find me lookin' guilty like I'm supposed to get the verdict
But shoot, she ain't even close to gettin' murdered
She do not want to fuck with you she duck on purpose
'Cause I be on some other shit with my nigga Insane
Runnin' through anotha fifth puffin on a pimp strain
Wonder who can fuck with this, nobody in this lane
No I'm not a Blood or Crip nigga gang Sickbrain
Don't hate my nigga you know the game go
It's like everywhere I go I see the same ho
'Cause I be in the sky you niggas aim low
I don't trip I'm on my shit and they know

[Hook: C.Ray]