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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

Twisted Insane

Get up off the fuckin couch nigga
Kill your whole family nigga
Shoot your mom in the face nigga

And you be stepping to be knowing what I'm doing when I happen to be on one
Lurking round the corner popping up a 40, get the OE
Elevated, body faded, get your woman integrated, never made it, invaded her, ho you don't know me
Pop a clip up the heater, rip the ho phony
Hit em with the meter cut off with the feet
Leave the pussy leaking, secretions because I beat it and beat it better grip the heaters when you see the homies
Popping the pussy dumping the booty having the motherfucker bleeding
Huff and popping the shovel when I'm puffing on the weed Dumping the dick up in the bitch and do the bitch again and since somebody gotta benefit it better be me (It better be me)
Cause I'm way too psychosomatic and at it looking at the picture kicking the static
The nigga that have it I pull the body and they can bag it
If anyone have it I pull the trigger and then I dab it
I'm lethal!
Getting so perverted when I pull out my dick lit up the Dolomites (Ching)
Shove it in your cushion leaving em gushin you die for the pushing then you can fuck with a nigga that's sick
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Kaboom, I Kaboom Splattering the bitch's face all over the room, Having a motherfucker with the info in the room
Digging up into doom, pitching up in the room
Having to meet your doom, fucking with the who?
Creeping round the corner, popping off in California
When I'm creeping you be going off the [?]
Dumping at so many motherfuckers they be running and run in the gutter
Pull them bitches all up your asshole, bitch you get the lasso Because I be dropping up in em I hit em with the venom and get em, bend em then get another doom
Feeling fo' reala, killa, peel a Godzilla, filla when I'm pulling bitches all up by the womb
I'm Twisted Insane!

You know what I'm sayin, I'm Twisted Insane homie
This ain't no montherfuckin dance shit nigga
This killa shit nigga, this murda shit nigga
This the motherfucking music you shoot for the face to nigga
Shoot for the face to this shit nigga