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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Yeah, don't affect my fans though
They went with me through it all
They been with me through my whole life
And they continue to be with me
I give it all to em
They see me... The good, the bad and the ugly

I shoulda knew you wasn't shit
Tryna put me in the ditch
Tellin' everyone I'm rich
You's a stupid fucking bitch
All you want is to make a crib
Now you run and tell everyone you have my kid
Now they tell me that it's process servers lookin' for me at my show
What type of shit was tellin' to somebody I don't know
I go back in my mind like couple years ago
I brawl through the past and I shovel to the hole
Now they want me up in court, but I'm hittin' another state
I gotta hit the road, that's a date I cannot make
I wanna get the tense, but they're tellin' me that I'm late
And now I got my name up on [?]wait
They wanna seal my fate, can they really do that?
I ain't taking toss, tell me how they can prove that?
Yeah I'm outta budget but I really never knew that
Stupid little bitch if I see him on a [?]
They tell me that they'd put a warrant out if I don't make it (what?!)
You gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me
Might as well just lock me up and tell my fans you got rid of me
Bitch you're incredibly assuming somethin' that you pretend to be
I remember hearin' stories, you was tellin' people
You was really livin' with me all together
But it was a lie
You was livin' out the trunk, I barely know you
Why don't you just go and get a life, before you fuck around with mine
Always on your mind, talkin' 'bout some bullshit
In a minute I will get up and do some cruel shit
Maybe I should cool it, fuck that
This a nigga life and I tryna go to jail when I ain't do shit
Damn, catch you goin' full in, stuck like chuck
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Sit up in a dark room with the OE by myself
And get bucked by up

The good guy, the bad guy, the ugly x4
They say it's good to be bad and God don't like ugly
So he couldn't be mad and people still don't trust me
And they shouldn't, we blast on anybody coming
Or pursuing me is nothing, see I'm good at being ugly when I'm bad!

Look up here I am
I got a problem but you niggas on the bottom
I don't get em and I wanna get em all
To have a pardon in a heart and then I'll drop em
Look down and here I am
And I'm a homie from the underground
We killin' rappers spit up on em
I put them in the bag they comin' with the wrecked little costume
Die slow with the enemy, no ho is a friend of me
No close when the homie say so, what you feelin' lay low with the centipede?
Good, bad and the ugly I made all of three look past and above me
I make em all bleed hood track and a cut-scene
And everytime I come this way
I get up on this stinkin' nigga fuck with me
But I'm numb to the world when it come to play
Then I have a Ducati while I'm drunk and blazed
And I put another party giving a fuck who say
What? Hit em up in brainiac and say that they got to play rough
Commin' up with the game attack black haters

And there's no dice, you wanna roll
You're life is in a choke
Don't try you goin' broke
Cause I'm with my foot to your throat
Your mind? You'll get it blown
Don't cry, you shouldn't know