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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

Speak of the Devil

Now I don't know what it was
But I can tell you one thing
In all my years... I've never seen anything like it

And you can find me in the
Dark room, bloody with a heater for the danger
Tell me if you wanna know what's deep inside the chamber
Devil talkin' to me when I murder with the finger
Must've known that I be killin' bitches, spill 'em with the banger
Shakin' a ho like I was at a beezy, could'a been easy greasy
Tell me you wanna be off in the middle, I'm makin' sure that they get dizzy
Eeny-meenie-miney-mo, I'm droppin' a ho up in Tahiti
Fuck her in the pussy till the shit is lookin Velvidi?
Raised by a demon in a pit who told me
'never love a bitch or ever listen to that shit'
I put a dick between they lips and tell the bitch that it's a kiss
And I am here to grant your wish and introduce you to the sick (Brain!)
Speak of the devil, I will send you motherfuckers
To another level full of Night Time, you know!
Sittin' in a circle doin' voodoo
Nigga, black magic, I be at it, acrobatic judo!
The belly of the beast I gotta eat
I'm about two seconds away from really just hackin' off your feet
I'm dangerous, I don't ever wanna hear you peep
You playin' if you want, but I play this shit for keeps
Peak, I was all alone on a full moon
Off of 'shrooms and a fat bag of that ganja
Trippin' while I'm walkin' down the street
Flippin' out and seein' niggas do the arm thing like E-Honda
If you win then I will make amends and I'll forgive your sins
I'm reminiscin' off of the events before the shit begins
I gotta bend you over, open up and stick a pistol in
I'm drinkin Henny, you don't want to bitch and go to hell again
I'm in my own lane, and you don't wanna see me come up
In your house and act a fuckin' loony with the trigger
How the fuck am I signed to a label?...
When I already sold my soul to the devil, nigga!

Speaking of the devil
When I walk in the room they should already knew, yeah
Speaking of the devil
I sold my soul, I got the juice and I use it, yeah
Speaking of the devil
Hell's fangs in my heart, nigga, are soothin', yeah
Speaking of the devil
I wanna let it go, but the devil got my
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Speaking of the devil
The devil got my soul, my soul
Speaking of the devil
The devil got my soul, my soul
Speaking of the devil
I wanna stop but I need it, I need it
Speaking of the devil
I'm in it deep and can't beat it, when I'm
Speaking of the...

I'm in it way too deep, I woke up at my sleep
And sittin' like my heart is 'bout to beat up out my chest
Maybe I should stop leavin' people in the street
But my brain is tellin' me 'shit, who motherfuckin' next?'
Cut 'em, drag 'em, put 'em in the backyard
This is what you get for the people try'na act hard
Make a diss record hopin' it'll get you views
You will lose and you're bruised, I got tools that leave your back scarred
Maybe it's ironic, movin' supersonic
Blowin' hella chronic, homie, you'll get lost in the smoke
The angel tellin' me to stay calm
But the demon tellin' me to hang a nigga by his motherfuckin' throat
Never stop until he choke, blood poppin' up out his mouth
Until they got him walkin' blue into the gates of death
The reaper is callin', you ballin'
You're cryin' like a bitch and try'na dip with the evasive left
It's voodoo, it's evil, I see through the people
But it is true, I teach you I'm new school and lead you
And the views will make you understand why I must reach you
Either that or I be in your house to heat you and eat you
Now, homie, you don't really want the creature to beat you
Jurassic, I'm talkin' 'bout this monstrous nigga
Sit up on the top of a dark world, like a dark lord
Darth Vader and I'm conquerin' niggas
Summon the one they callin' Sam like every time you wanna bring the pain
I will make 'em feel my burn
You roll until your motherfuckin' end
And it really doesn't matter any which way your wheels gon' turn
And it's still your turn, but you don't want me comin' up
Into your house and act a fuckin' loony with the trigger
How the fuck am I signed to a label?...
When I already sold my soul to the devil, nigga!

Dark room, bloody with the heater for the danger...