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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

The Return

[Intro:Twisted Insane]
Round Seven...

[Verse 1:Twisted Insane]
It's the return
Tell me when the fuck is everybody finna learn
Ain't nobody on my level he could be the devil I don't gas shit to give them burn
Ain't nobody wanna murder with the venom, obvious a nigga really want his turn
Send him on a mission nigga better listen if a nigga don't then put him in an urn
I'm Godzilla
Adios a nigga mamacita when the fuck I tell em pull up on me get em in there with a 9 and then we met up at the rear roofing
Tried to hit the elevator comin' to my floor got a couple rolled when I'm bout to blow
Hit the hallway then turn right, it's no 210

[Bridge: Sarg Barz Reaction Video]
That shit, WHAT!
This motherfucker is the truth bro'!
I can't even like what..
I can't fathom how fucking amazing this guy is bro'!
Why does he?.. he doesn't get as much attention as other rappers...

[Verse 2]
It's the return of the demon from the underground ain't nobody higher
Get the Charmin and I'm about to shit on niggas everybody steppin' in the fire
I'm the top and I'll never drop might as well just go ahead and call me sire
I'm the King Kong you the ping pong, I am Marlo from The Wire, admire
Brainsick with the takeover holla redruM
Everybody wanna go again and get (?)
They ain't ready you can tell it runnin' from the fade and shootin' for the face i got em tryna hit the gate and murder was the case and when you went to (run em?) another demented
Good riddance
Chop a nigga like I'm Jim Duggan with the hacksaw
Better back off fore' I hack off nigga's (?) like a rag doll
Finna blast off, can't nobody catch a nigga when the foot up on the asphalt
Put a clip up in the millimeter, come up with the heater, then just shoot that ass off
Too Brainy, don't nobody wanna go to war with the loose cannon
I beat them and I be at the finish line when you're halfway through the race
I'm a killa, silverback gorilla, ain't nobody iller, [?]with the bass
? frontin' me, that's why you runnin' ? and I be done and givin' up my place
Shoot For The Face