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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

Promise (Ft. Iso)

[Verse 1:Iso]
Look in the mirror like,'Damn my nigga you done made it'
Was one of them youth in America dealing with euthanasia
Go pick up a knife and they're willing to slice back when I mutilate it
Ironically the prison taught me how to use a razor
Running around with a Ruger ready to rip shots through a hater
Assume that I'm nothing, validation of yours accumulated
I keep all three of my eyes peeled just like a few potatoes
Cause niggas don't want me on the top like I'm the numerator
I don't really wanna lose my faith
But I don't even know who to pray to
In the trenches, mind is on the fences, watch me move like Vegas
Smoking hella zoo, hella bowls and I won't use a chaser
Who can take the time to let me bloom and then boom I'm famous
Taking the top with every move I'm making
Good deals, I choose to make 'em
Cross my heart like Jesus but people look at you like Satan
They despise you if you richer homie, you got Nathan
This world is so political but who's debating
A fucked up womb can make 'em tuck guns and shoot the place up
And afterwards kill them-self just 'cause a few occasions
Shit I ain't ever had no trust fund for the lunar maker
So don't look at me fucked up when I do vacations
Mental health helped me make it blood it's true I'm brainsick
From mental wards to jail cells to music making
Gotta kill what's toxic homie and go shot the ages
And keep yo head out while you maneuver through the matrix

Beautiful flower
It just hasn't bloomed
You're judging the servants by what's growing inside of you

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
Twenty men up at the stage, everybody grabbin
Feel your pussy wish he wasn't but he was and treat your body like you're trash and
Make you feel ashamed, pay you up out and yo let me hit it with a passion
Remind you when you (?) and ain't nobody laughin'
Quit reacting
They way they want you to, they catch you shoot him at the bin of bando
Used to talk about it now you look up in the mirror and I'll be damned it is the mantle