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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

Fuck Em All (Ft. Charlie Ray)

(Verse 1)
[Charlie Ray (C. Ray)]

Yo twisted Im sick of these niggas they walkin and talkin
And think im sippin on liquor, Vodka doin a bottle a day
But theyre in the coffin when I get to choppin these niggas are put up in walk ins
Theres something turning me into a monster i think I need to pray
Pray that I don't give into the bogus and lose focus
Doing the most I toast I mean to the Hocus pocus as they close in
But If I don't drink I think too much the analytic and when im AT a nigga
I don't wanna meet you understood Id go on the opportunity to beat you up
Fuck bitches Im never hit em up to peed you slut
If she wouldn't let me … I wouldn't feed you dust
Denied her like the payment wasn't authorized
Then she let me hit & Got me faded with her on her dime
And I don't play we do this all the time
But get the fuck out my face with what you call a rhyme
You came up on a little shine now you hardly tryin
Your music good but ain't no shit that I would call a crime
But we killas down here
From the underground the thunder pound
Cheers chug a beer
Better learn to run without fear
Homie we don't give a fuck about year you niggas weird
Now everybody soundin like each other
Said they all from the gutter and they shootin shit
But nothin JUMPIN OFF
I don't want the crown you can take it
Can't believe what niggas doin in the industry to make it

Chorus (x4)
Nigga I be on dat fuck em all
Murder in the dark space if I see this bitch

Verse 2
[Twisted Insane]

I be in the dark loomin
Waiting in my living room,till about two
Just to let you in
I don't give a shit what you and your brat bitch got brewing
You ain't never gunna make it to the room, Imma sonic boom, hyuken
What the fuck is you doin, stake em out for days, I don't want the fade, shoot em in the face
Ain't no body runnin up with the bitch nigga (No lie)
Get you Murdered in the face right up in the eye yous about to die don't nobody really want it with the sick nigga
Go to war and get the penalty You wanna put up with breathin lava
Eatin a muthafuckas face in like a nigga's Chewin on an empanada
Brain Brain for the game hit em with the fang like mufasa
You ain't even wanna go to war you ain't gunna act like you got'sa
It was funny, when you runnin from me, Imma Turn a nigga into a dummy, used to call me bummy, comin from the slum, better keep a gun before you end up Six feet
Situated gettin sticky, if you get the stiffy hope you wasn't picky, they don't wanna get me, in the mood to have to murder all the pussy imma hit you with the big meat
I don't mean to beat around the bush, but in a minute ima be like fuck em all, smile up in a nigga face and talk about some don't pretend I'm going fishing with you
People talk about you like you was a big ol bad mutha fucka, body bag a nigga, I don't really get it, I done been around you, I can really see the bitch up in you (really?)
I will hit you with the milli, slap a nigga, silly me
Watch a nigga while he beg, ima laugh and put his head up in the guillotine
Had the room all bloody, tell the homie clean this shit up with some listerine
When the Feds Coming knocking, I be off and rocking with a bitch up in the Philippines, im gorilla when it comes to killing for me, its to easy
Put a body bag up on his head murder stop em dead venom always hit em,when I'm off of nitro
Goodnight nigga, get ya face out my mutha fucking sight, Mami's hella tight, pussy gripping on a nigga dick, you would think I was up in a dyke hoe
Kill em all that brainsick mutha fucka, murder anybody wanna go against as god is my witness
I don't really give a fuck no more, first nigga run up in the wrong way, gets done just like blood just did stitches