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Random Encounters

The Fates of Undertale

(All three) We three fates of Undertale
Beckon you to play.
Spare our lives or harvest our souls,
It's up to you either way.
(Sans) Hey bud, you okay? No need to freak out or anything. It's just singing.
(Flowey) And murder! I mean music.
(Toriel) Poor dear. We're here to help you.
(Frisk?) Help me what?
(Toriel) Play Undertale!
Use your love
Instead of your strength,
To make your foes your friends.
Every drop of innocent blood
Will change how the story ends
Though our king desires your soul,
A pacifist will see:
It only takes a thoughtful act
To set all monsters free!
(Sans) No pressure or anything.
(Flowey) Yeah, REAL freedom is not like some goatmom tells you how to play.
(Toriel) Excuse me?
(Sans) Hey, if anyone's got a bone to pick. I'm sure this kid is full of them.
(Frisk?) That's not funny!
(Sans) Yeah, I get that a lot.
Still you seems nice,
You may slip once or twice
Who am I to judge or blame?
But I guess I'll keep track
Just to give you some flak at the end,
Of the game.
Talk or use silence,
Try murderous violence.
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Nah I'm kidding. That's a crime.
And just so you know
If you kill off my bro,
Then you'll have a bad time
(Flowey) Golly gee, that sounds really great.
But let's try this instead!
Let's become the angel of death,
And make every monster dead.
Kill them all, destroy every beast.
Each woman, child, and man.
Genocide's my only goal,
Destruction is my plan!
(Flowey) It's killed... or be killed! (Toriel) No! He is trying to use you, so (Sans) Look, I'm kind of a bonehead,
(Flowey) That's how you play the game! (Toriel) Don't let Flowey confuse you! I (Sans) Not the braniest guy... But
(Flowey) It's kill... or be killed! (Toriel) Know he aims to seduce you. (Sans) Even goofballs like me can
(Flowey) Either ways, it ends the same! (Toriel) And ruin Undertale! (Sans) Read between the lines.
(Flowey) Everyone you loved... (Toriel) Stay determined! They will guide you a- (Sans) If you want to get dunked on,
(Flowey) Everyone you knew... (Toriel) -stray. I know that you'll be lied to. You're (Sans) I can give, you a hand.
(Flowey) Everyone will die... (Toriel) Brave, I can see it inside you! I (Sans) But where's the fun in the netrual run
(Flowey) And they will die because of you! (Toriel) Pray you will never fail! (Sans) If you're not friends with Sans?
(Frisk?) None of this makes any sense to me!
(All three) We three fates of Undertale,
Don't know what you'll do!
Every path will impact us all
(Sans) for better or worse...
(Toriel) A blessing or curse...
(Flowey) Benign or adverse...
(All three) It's up to you!
(Frisk) Oh sweet! Someone just gifted me Rocket League!


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