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Random Encounters

Everything's a Puzzle: A Professor Layton Song

in astroses means dialouge

Professor Layton:Come along Luke, there are puzzles to be solved.
Luke:Five more minutes, Professor.

PL: Everything's a puzzle,
A mystery, to me.
The shape this toast or the taste of my tea.
Everything's a riddle,
A quandry, to solve.
I'll best every test, no matter what they involve!

We've got to use every clue.
'Till we deduce the final key.
We've got to plan every move
three steps ahead!

Luke: I'm not sure you can do that...

PL: We've got to search every inch
and do it mathematically.
'Till we solve every riddle,
collosal or little,
by fiddling with things methodically!

Luke: Professor, I don't see how this is a puzzle.
PL: Now now Luke, hop to it, that's what a gentleman does.
Luke: Don't get used to this.

PL: Everything's a puzzle,
and all that I see,
awaits a solution from some one like me.
Quantify this mayonaise.
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Finagle this cheese.
Triangulate pant size of this underwear please!

Luke: Professor, that's well and good.
But really, have you lost your mind?
There are no puzzles to solve
beneath a skirt!

PL: Quite astute of you.

We've got to crack every code,
decipher every glyph we find.
There's no need for hints
with both our brains combined!


PL: Everything's a puzzle,
I'm sure you'll agree.
That everything's a puzzle to me!
Everything's a puzzle,
to tinker and tweak.
To dig in and disect the source of mystique.
Every new enigma
proves veritably,
That everything's a puzzle...
To me!

Cheer up Luke, our defense attorney will be here any minute.
Phoenix Wright: You guys look familiar... have we met before?


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