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Random Encounters


Random Encounters

The People of Smash Bros.

Since the 64 Ive been in love with Smash Bros
I know every item, stage, and fighter too
I even leveled up a set of sweet amiibo
To fight against when I play Smash Bros U
When I play Smash I only play for glory
I tend to favor melee yes it's true
But since I typically stick to stock
and the Gamecube Gamepads rock
I'm getting super hyped for Smash Bros U
Because we love to smash our friends in super smash bros
Though I think Master hand is better than Tabuu
Wait who?
Whether it's beating a team of hacks
Or maybe spamming some cheap attacks
We can agree that we love Smash Bros U
I was best of all the players in my High School
I'm invincible as Fox or Pikachu
Oh and I also know a hundred million combos
And I can wave to achtk
no #$*! you
I don't know how to play im pushing buttons
I don't recall precisely what they do
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I guess i'll stick to down and B
I only play this at parties
I'm pretty horrible at Smash Bros U
Again we're totally addicted to Smash Brothers
We may have a small obsession, or tattoos
So cool!
And even though I may be worse
And I would normally get first
No games the same as playing Smash Bros U
No body ever gives up their controller
I'd love to join a Smash Bros round or two
But i'm eternally that guy nobody wants to give a try
That modes exclusively from Smash Bros U
Now we all can play together in Smash Bros
I can kill my friends until my thumbs are black and blue
That blue lady!
Little Mac!
It's clear we all adore Smash Brothers Four - (Wii) U!


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