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Random Encounters

Singachu: A Pikachu Song (feat. AJ Pinkerton)

Random Encounters feat. AJ Pinkerton

{Pi-ka-chu! Pikachu!
I'm your loyal 'lectric shrew
Oak is scary, Gary's hairy
Here's a Pokedex for you
Pika-this! Pika-that! I am wearing Ash's hat!
Three plus speed is all I need so I can tackle this Golbat
EXP just for me! I'm evolving, quick, press B!
Nah, just kidding! You would need a Thunderstone!
So just remember if you try to make me Raichu, I will fight you
Pikachu, Pikachu, Pikachu

Oh, no! A Rocket Grunt has seen us
Now he says he wants to fight
Too bad his team is level seven
And it's stupid (Meowth that's right!)
I'll use my thundershock to mawl it, when we win we'll take his wallet
Now let's search inside a patch of grass
And catch ourselves a flaming ass (Seriously guys? I'm a horse.)

Pikachu, Pikachu! I am so in love with you!
Feeling weary? Eat a berry while I play this Pokeflute!
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On a board, on a bike, let's go fishing, now let's hike!
Elite Four is such a bore; Hey, I can hear you with this mic!
MissingNo, here we go, HM05 is my M.O.
We can replicate rare candies everywhere
Hey, Metapod, I beg your pardon, but I think you've overhardened
Pikachu, Pikachu, Pikachu
I'm a girl, I'm a guy!
I can faint, but I can't die!
Pika Pika on yo' speaka' but???'s my battle cry!
Take a walk, take a nap, listen to the Pokerap
Sneazel, easel, weasel, freeze'll freeze you solid

Ouch I'm burned, oh the pain!
Ah confusion, I'm insane!
I'll incapacitate myself until I'm well!
Although, it's true I'm quite frenetic...
I'm also photogenic

Cause I'm your loyalest pal in the entire world
Red, gold, black, emerald, platinum, diamond, sapphire, pearl
Pika-chu! Pika-chu! Pika-CHUUUUU!!

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