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Random Encounters


Random Encounters

Kindergarten: the Musical

Let's all get ready for Show and Tell!
Let's start with... YOU!
What did you bring?

Check out my new yoyo, I think it's pretty sweet!
It only cost a dollar, my prices can't be beat!

I'll trade you for a hall pass.
I'll be your gorgeous wife!
I'll help you kill our teacher, with this giant scary knife!

See the blood,
On the cart?
It's from us!
We're in juvenile jeopardy!
We're small,
But we're smart,
Let's unite!
And we'll start a little kindergarten coup!

Aren't you all being a little dramatic?
Uhh, no!
We don't even know what that means!
Children! We have to continue Show and Tell now!
Cindy, did you bring anything interesting to share?

Here's a vegan biscuit,
Cause I don't deal with meat!
I got it from my boyfriend,
Cause he is oh so sweet!

Keep this laser pointer,
I know, it's pretty sick!
Hey! Give me that you dinker,
Or I'll kill you with this stick!

We're too young, and too spry
To be killed, we're a teeny-bop battalion
We know, we may die
But we still, gotta try a little kindergarten coup

Oh, Mr Janitor! Why don't YOU share something interesting with the class?
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Once a young student was not very prudent
With where he dropped his slop.
So I went and grabbed him,
With this here very mop!

Well I give gold stars to kids who are my
Special Little Rats!
Although, if you make me miss my break,
I'll poison all you brats!

Who's next?

This is Nuggets nugget,
Possessed by Nugget's friends.
It signifies our friendship,
And causes lives to end!

I got this creepy paper,
Which I think might be a note?
Oh, I love a good love letter!
Shall we read what Nugget wrote!

We are rats,
In a bind.
Cause our school,
Wants us for experiments!
We know,
What we'll find.
But we won't,
Be resigned to be a kindergarten test!
To exploit,
As our time,
We're in infantile infantry!
We're here,
To destroy,
This whole school!
So enjoy our little kindergarten coup!


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