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Random Encounters

The Zubat Song

I'm hunting for my Gyarados;
I think it's in Mount Moon.
It's spooky and ill-lit in here;
I hope I find it soon...
I'd light this place with a Pokémon,
if I had one that knew Flash.
All I've got with me is a Magikarp,
and it knows nothing but Splash...
Now I'm searching for my Gyardos,
but I think I may be lost.
And I know I should've bought an Escape Rope,
but I couldn't afford the cost.
Now it's dark and it's cold and it smells of mold.
Get a hold of yourself, old chap,
For it dawns on me that I brought with me my trusty Mount Moon Map-
What a hideous beast with big ears and teeth!
And that Zubat stole my map!
Now I fear that I may be here to die;
it appears I might be trapped...
And I think that I may now starve to death,
'cause I'm feeling faint and famished.
All I've got to eat is some bread and meat,
but at least I brought this sandwich-
I'm stranded in a cave with the Zubats here,
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and they're growing quite annoying!
'Cause they took my sandwich and they took my map,
which they seem to be enjoying...
Now I can't go forward and I can't go back;
all these bats make me want to yell!
But I still have the key that's defending me:
it's a bottle of Repel-
Now I'm running through a cave from a Zubat pack,
and I can't see where I'm going!
And those darn Zubats tried to snatch my hat,
but I've no intent of slowing!
And I hurt myself cause I'm so confused,
now my forehead aches like crazy.
In the corner of my eye, I see a creepy shadow guy, so then I cry out,
I don't care anymore about my Gyarados,
'cause I'm running from Zubatman,
And his squadron of bats wearing maps and hats,
and I'm wheezing like a fat man.
This whole cave's full of death and these demon spawn are the worst things on the planet!
And to anyone whoever loved Zubats...
You can take Mount Moon and CRAM IT.


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