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Random Encounters

Team Full of Harmony

No need to battle be friends
What're those
No need to squabble make amends
Whether you're red or yellow or you're blue
Or yellow oh wait
Colors can't define how I treat you
How long is this gonna be
I don't know forever
Show compassion and you'll see
Why this world could use extra harmony
No matter what team you're on
We're all catching Pokemon
So let all the hate be gone
And be a Team Full of Harmony
That sounds dumb
Oh well maybe Spark feels differently
Me I uh
There's no need to throw shade through memes
Good Spark excellent
'Cause that's only done by weaker teams
Oh no he didn't
And why cry salty tears when losing gyms
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What hey I did not
So don't get all butthurt at teams that win
Um that's not exactly what I had in mind
No one likes a try hard hack
You need a Burn Heal for that one Candycakes
More than you and that dumbbell dude-bro Muk-sack
I think you all got it wrong
We're singing a friendship song
So let all the hate be gone
And be a Team Full of Harmony
You're trashy and mean
You never deserved a team
You're a demon goblin and you're a frigid queen
Hey this isn't the song I planned
And you're getting out of hand
So button your pie holes and let's be
A Team Full of Harmony
I don't like the team you're on
I hate all your Pokemon
But we can still get along
And be a Team Full of Harmony

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I love this song♪:3


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