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Random Encounters


Random Encounters

Hyrule Warrior's Heart

They sing songs
they tell tales
about me the Hyrule Warrior
with my sword and my sheild
and a satchel thats full of my junk
I will slay every beast
every chest will be mine to plunder
Im the Hero of Time with a
Hyrule Warriors heart

Step aside or you'll die
in the hands of the
Hyrule Warrior
im too swift
and too strong for a
gero whos wearing a dress
-its a tunic
ill bath in your blood
though bathing isnt my strong suit
i may smell like a pig
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but i have a hyrule warriors heart
-careful with your knives boys
-what the
-ahh god dang it
-u cant possibly be
-be the hyrule warrior
all my life i stood by dreaming
i was the hyrule warrior
cause im ssmart
and im rich
and ur prone to dress up as a man
i dont smash peoples pots
and i never lose battles to children
every game has my name
cause i have a hyrule warriors heart


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