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Random Encounters


Random Encounters

A Miibo Song

have you heard the rumors?
they're selling like mad
i know its utter nonsense
but i want one real bad

they're calling them amiibo
what the heck does that mean
no one's got a clue

ill buy my first amiibo
and ill put it rifht there
and then ill buy another
cause they go well in pairs

they may be an obsession
but they're keeping me clean
and man they look cool too!

just one more
is all i need
its just for fun
not want and greed

cause i nedd amiibo
gotta get a full set
i need every last amiibo
plus the ones that arent availible yet

and ill keep them
always with me
everywhere i
ever go

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thats why i need
just a few more

a couple more amiibo
arrived in the mail
im going to the store
because they have them on sale

im missing an amiibo
ill order online
and wait til it arrives

amiibo on the counter
they're under my bed
they're sitting on the sofa
and on tip of my head

amiibo in the shower
the hood of my car
amiibo playing trumpet
and acoustic guitar

they're so cute
i need more
buy a ton
and now your poor

but i have amiibo
spread all over the place


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