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Random Encounters


Random Encounters

Five Nights at Freddy's: Night 1

Random Encounters feat. Markiplier

Hi, I'm phone guy, pleasure to meet you
I'd like to leave a few quick words
Freddy's friends can be a bit active
Blah blah blah, that's completely absurd

Bonnie! Freddy! Time to get ready!
Midnight already?
Time to play!
Hey, I heard they hired a new guy
And it's his first day!

I'll try out all the cameras too see what they do
Let's check the animatronics- did one of them just move?
Don't be dumb! That's insane!
Look, they're standing all the same
Except for one... could it be?
Bonnie's staring right at me

What's that sound?
It seems to be screaming
Everything's seeming slightly strange
Let's say hi! He seems a bit jumpy
How do these cameras change?

They're heading here just to eat me like juicy flesh-fruit
Or maybe they'll all stuff me inside a Fazbear suit
Seal the doors! Hit the lights!
Hey, new guy! Are you all right?
Stay away! Leave me be!
Don't be scared, it's only me

Maybe we should leave him a note.

Oh no, he sounds like he's in trouble!
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Foxy, are you there?
The new guy's trapped inside
They're breaking down the door
He sounds so terrified
Hold on! Foxy's come to get you!
Is that something in the vent?
Why's it smell like blood and mucus?
That's our natural scent! (Hey!)
I need a disguise to hide in! A mask or a head!
Hey Chica, check the kitchen, I think that camera's dead

Don't breathe...
Don't speak...
Don't breathe...
Please, Foxy, leave...

Sealing the airvents!
New guy, don't! You need fresh air!
Wow, I'm feeling kinda loopy
At least I don't feel- SCARED!!

New guy forgot to wind the music box!

Huh? What the heck do I need a music box for?

To keep the puppet sleeping!

New guy's using too much power!

New guy, open the door! You're gonna blow a fuse!

Keep this thing away from me!


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