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Random Encounters


Random Encounters


You think you're different
You do nothin' but win, but
I know you're really a sham.
You think you've got a
special aura within you, but
now you've found out you're a scam!

You think you're still the sharpest tool in the shed, and believe me, I did too.
But now I'm a loser... And so are you.

(Wright: Oh, hey, look at the time! It's half past SHUT YOUR FACE AND LEAVE ME ALONE.
Pacific daylight time.)


For years you still believed
that no one could touch you, but
You then got poked in the eye.
The ace attourney turned a
chump and a fool, who
continued to doubt and deny!

He's all washed up, and all his luck has run out.
He's a has-been, through and through.
Because he's a loser...
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Wright: And so are you.

(Paine: I'll drink to that!)

You're just a part of the trend.
And for a loser, losin' don't end.
No one to turn to,
Everyone spurns you,
'til you've no friends...

But just for fun, let's both pretend that--

You were a lawyer
full of talent and promise, but
You finally choked and bit the dust!
And let's assume you
once were valient and honest, but
Still your career was a bust!

You beat me every time we met in the court,
Yet my wildest dreams came true!
'Cause though I'm a loser... Now so are you.


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