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Breaking Up

[Intro:Sample with Female Singer]
How can I give you, what you're asking for?
Oh baby
When the feeling is gone (when the feeling is gone)

[Verse 1: Classified]
It's been a while since we last conversated, still can't believe we never made it
Lookin back at the way it was, high school love, both of us embraced it
Let me take it back a bit, to the place where the whole story starts
Before we ever had a clue or even knew, how hard relationships are
We was in the same class and I, use to try to make her laugh, then I
Tried to take it farther then a friend, but she just a little hesistant
It took longer then I thought, yeah I'll admit it, but I stayed patient
Was a lot like the music game, never had the skills but I had the motivation
Then in Grade 12, hooked up, became officially involved
I got the lady I've been waitin on, you could say the the mystery is solved
I graduated that year but never left, stayed another one
Told my parents I was upgradin, really I was waitin for you to be done
After that, moved to the big city, got a small place together
Slept, lived, drank, ate together, but it made it hard for us to stay together
Life is oh so unexpected, shouldn't have, the good and bad
Now I'm lookin back at it all, these are problems a man and woman have

[Chorus: Chad Hatcher (Kaleigh Cole) - w/ ad libs]
She says that I should leave, she says I should go
She don't understand, all I've been waitin for is everything {is everything}
For something {for something}, to change {change}

(But I think that I should stay, things could be the same
It's just me and you, with no one to blame
But you don't see {but you don't see}
It's only me {it's only me}, that would change) {changeee}

How can I give you, what you're asking for, ohhhh baby
When that feeling is gone

[Verse 2: Classified]
So after about a year or so, a lot of bickerin and fightin came
Everything we had together, fell apart slow, never seemed worth the pain
More hatin then there was lovin, both arguin about nothin
Neither one of apologize, I guess the two of us were too stubborn
Still lived together though, though decided maybe we should take a break
I never really wanted that, I just wanted change, that was my mistake
I never thought we would break up, never thought I'd find another like her
But I was still thinkin we'd get back together and these loose ends would become tighter
But no way, no luck, threw the towel in, we broke up
I moved out, choked up, depressed every day I woke up
Found out she had another man and this is when it really hit home
Fuck I lost everything I had and I ain't the type who likes to be alone
Now I'm tryin to move along and I felt it difficult to stay strong
But dark days always brighten up, if the fight in ya keeps movin on
A couple months after all of this, I bumped into another girl I knew
Had a couple dates in high school, a type of girl you don't forget, simply beautiful
We talked for a little bit, we took some time out and reminisced
And I forgot about my dark days, she taught me heartbreak can lead to happiness
When I was down and had no faith, she showed me everything is okay
My soul mate, I never would of thought a break up could end so great

[Chorus: w/ ad libs]

[Outro: Sample with Female Singer]
How can I give you, what you're asking for?
Oh, let's go our separate ways, oh baby