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Things Are Looking Up

(feat. Chad Hatcher)

[Intro:Classified - talking]
Yo C, give me a little bass
(Things are looking up, things are looking up...)
Put in some bass, give me the keys
Just give me some feel good music
I need something to cheer me up
Something to put a smile on my face

[Verse 1: Classified]
Look, I'm hangin by the end of my rope
Feelin defensive and broke, with no intention to cope
When the weather is cold and the adrenaline flows
And everything is lookin down (hey!), there's no mention of hope (ho!)
It's hard to get away, so we tend to be prone
And the world seems depressed, so when your in Rome, I guess
I gotta keep the engine afloat
And when the water leaks in, don't abandon the boat
And yes, soon the depression will fold
It's a battle and ya gotta choose your weapon to hold (ha)
I figured that we've learned from the lessons of old
It ain't over 'til we meet up at the end of the road
Yeah we destined to grow, so remember control
A bit of patience can work as a friend or a foe
I'm lettin it out, so I don't bottle it in
I'm puttin up, things are looking down, no not again

[Verse 2: Chad Hatcher]
I've seen the sun come up today
It will probably change to rain or something
It's hard to keep a smile on my face sometimes
I know that we can find a way
To forget those little things that stop us
And push on through the rain and the sun will shine
'Cause hope will only get you so far
Have a plan and know where your friends are
If you leave your town just to find your place
And run from things you find you can't escape
You can find what it is you see
Take it day by day, take it week by week
Just push on 'cause when things get rough
No head down, things are looking up (things are looking up...)

[Chorus: Chad Hatcher - w/ ad libs]
I gotta hold on for one more day
I gotta hold on for one more day
I gotta hold on for one more day
And I gotta push on 'cause when things get tough
No head down, things are looking up

[Verse 3: Classified]
Yeah, we do that feel good music
So feel good to it, it's the fuel to get through it
Problems Houston but we are only human
So air out and deal with the heat when it's humid (yeah)
I'm lost on a path that is mapped out (ha)
On the mat, thinkin maybe I should tap out (yeah)
But in time the anxiety will pass slow
I use to worry but now it makes me laugh though (huh)
Fuck it I'll be blunt
I'm sure we all thought about suicide once
I know I did but I never made the cut
I guess I never had the guts or wasn't selfish enough
We push on every day that's just how life is
Until things are looking up like gas prices
It's ironic, the irony is clever
But once you hit the bottom it can only get better

[Verse 4: Chad Hatcher]
I know that there will be a day
Or two that come as a surprise
But things will seem way to, good to be true
I just know there's another way
To clear a path through all that stops you
With nothin in the way, there's nothin to lose
I don't know what it is these days
I seem to spend them in a daze
I got plans that are hard to keep
And lately man, well I don't get no sleep
I can find everything I need
Take it day by day, take it week by week
Have a drink, maybe have a puff
And don't look down, things are looking up

[Chorus: w/ ad libs until the end]