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Choose Your Own Adventure 1

(You choose your own path or you'll have it chosen for you)
(Welcome to today!)

Get 'em up! (Get 'em up!) [x8]

[alarm ringing]

Ahhh, shit, is it morning already?

[Verse 1: Classified]
Rise and shine, damn 9:30
Got to start my journey but it's feelin kind of early
Tired and I'm feelin just a little malnourished
So I watch a bit of TV and I do some channel surfin
Flip through, then get up, shower to freshen up
Shave off my peach fuzz and then get my teeth brushed
I do my push ups, forty every other morning
It feels good to say but I don't think it's that rewardin
Turn on my computer, check messages
E-mail, friend requests, all before breakfast
Handle my biz before the day gets high paced
And I don't fuck with Facebook 'cause I need MySpace (ha)
Now off to the kitchen for some cereal or toast
Eggs fried or poached but I only eat the yolk
Feelin like a million bucks, set to get it goin
Now off to the studio to set this day in motion

Damn, it's nice out

[beat changes]

[Verse 2: Classified (White Mic)]
First I kick open the door, take the phone off the hook
Turn the beat machine on, crack open my notebook
Made a beat yesterday but still ain't convinced
I'll take another listen 'cause I haven't heard it since
[beat changes temporarily]
Mmm, nah scrap it, wack shit
Must of been too high when I craft it
Back to the drum machine, kick, snare and hihat
Bunch of old records, tryin to find where the fire's at
You spend a third of life in bed
I spend a third of my life in studios instead
Okay, I got somethin here, I like how it's soundin
Couple ideas, so I write it down when
(Class, what's up?), White Mic, what the fuck?
(Shit, I left work early, I don't mean to interrupt
But I got this bag of weed, would you care to have a puff?)
Okay, grind it, (mix it), roll it, (light it up)

[lighter flickers, they inhale and exhale]

[beat changes]

[Break: Classified - talking (White Mic)]
Inhale, (exhale), feels good, (as hell)
Pass that, (here take this), well how's that, (it's good shit)
Well okay, (well alright), sky's clear, (let's take flight)
Well I'm high (and I'm baked)
[Both], now let it take us away

[Verse 3: White Mic]
Blowin O's with the smoke as it goes out my mouth
(It happens everydayyyy)
And I grow all the dope that I smoke in my house
(So we don't have to payyyy)
I feel relief from the weed, I believe THC
(Helps us self medicateeee)
We don't need to agree
You do you, I'll do me, it helps me meditate

[Verse 4: Classified (White Mic)]
Huh, anyway, all my motivation to make this beat just went away
Then again, it's kind of early to end the day, I'll put the pen away
But what you sayin, (well, the sky's clear, my bike's here
It's a beautiful day and your inside here
That's quite weird (what?)
Let's go for a bike ride before the night's here)
Ah shit, it slipped my mind, I got to drop off this disc of mine
Go the city and meet with Jay Bizzy, get him beats, so he can script his rhymes
But I know I could use the exercise, so high, I just wanna rest my eyes
I don't know, make a move, to the city or bike riding
(What ya goin to do?)

[Outro: Narrator - talking]
If you'd like to go to the city, proceed to Track 11
If you'd like to go for quick ride on the old bicycle, please proceed
To Track 7