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Quit While You're Ahead

You better quit while you're ahead
Ah that's what I said, or you're better off dead
Hey eh, you better quit while you're ahead

[Verse 1: Choclair]
I told ya (yeah)
I did (I did, I did)
Now, a lot of MC's walkin with no knees
They persistent with fuckin with me
I'm just that real laid back, chill bat, smokin them trees
But yo I turn into some African bees (if you're fuckin with me)
I'm unmatched, unpassed, since way back
Up upon them blocks, rockin MCM hats
Just spittin at these people like I'm swingin a bat
At Scarborough Village, where the pillage was at
(You better quit while you're)
All them girls in them pum pum shorts, where they wanted it fat (yes)
Yo, I ain't braggin, I'm just spittin the facts
No exaggeration (naw), no grippin on my balls for charm
A Big Mac with no lettuce and sauce
Now my collar bone is filled with stars and got stripes down the arm
Got Class in the cut, pull the pin out the bomb, brother
Yo, so let them horns blow (yeah)
We're reppin this here because you all asked for it, so yo

[Chorus x2: w/ ad libs]

[talking behind Chorus: Choclair]
I told ya
I told ya

[Verse 2: Classified]
I ain't goin nowhere, I got my people in here
We still got it after all the smoke clears
Now speakin mathematically, there's no comparin to my strategy
Tryin to measure up, I appreciate the flattery
But half of these rappers are half of a beat backwards
Claimin they on point man, ch-check the stats first
I've dropped 12 albums with at least 12 songs in the last 12 years
Do the math right there
That's 144, on a one a month average
And that don't even count what I produced for other rappers
(You better quit while you're)
Done 5 tours, with 20 shows or more
And that's only dating back to 2004
Let's not forget the other years that don't apply to
Now name another rapper tourin Canada like I do
I know I am, on the top of this
And I know I have, many accomplices
If the numbers add up you can't get rid of me
So kid, know your past or your future will be history

[Chorus: w/ ad libs]

[Verse 3: Maestro]
The Maes, the Maes is smooth and here to soothe you when
MC's lose, he keeps improvin
'Cause he keeps comin back with more and more hits
(Ahh shit), suckers better quit
When you touch my first record, then we can talk
Start prayin, start fastin, then we can walk
I'm makin movies now, while rappers still runnin their lips
Get off my dick, I'm tryin to study my script
(You better quit while you're)
I got politicians callin 'cause I'm influential
Beat makers want my voice on their instrumentals
Rappers makin mixtapes, then they get out of line
Except I've never seen a record yet do better than mine
They just keep recyclin, not excitin
Never the less I just put it to rest 'cause Wes keeps enticin them
'Stro fans wonder how he's gonna flow next
But all you gotta know is that he so Fresh Wes
(Godfather, God bless), still I spark the flame
Only rapper from Toronto on the Walk Of Fame
Now who you think Toronto trusts more - me or you?
Who you think Toronto loves more - me or you?
Son I'm not tryin to say that I'm better than y'all
I'm just on another level than y'all, so just move

[Chorus x2: w/ ad libs]

[Verse 4: Moka Only (Classified)]
Man y'all can't talk about stats without puttin your boy Moka in
(Yo, that's why I got at you man, let 'em know)
You see my braggin rights could be wrote on the longest list
The most prolific rapper in the world that fits
In my palm like this, my likeness is ubiquitous
36 albums underneath my belt
I whip 'em off like they Bisquick biscuits bitch
And ain't many that can deal with the heat that's felt
Rappers on the thing underneath my briefs and belt
I said (you better quit while you're ahead)
Mok a kept on with the keep on
You can't sleep on, so get gone and go get my coffee gopher
The girls on my toblerone, the bone her
Head stat on your cold toner
I've got the Junos and the platinum plaques back at home
7 MMVAs, I can hold my own
A known felon when it come to the microphone chrome
Choclair, Class, Maestro and Moka Only, let's go


[talking behind the Chorus: Moka Only]
Man we got stats
Comin at ya like some baseball bats
You fall flat, fall back nigga