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Where Are You

[Chorus:Saukrates - w/ ad libs]
Where are you? Between the love, the hate and all the lies
Where are you? You trippin, you must be lost and hypnotized
Where are you? You must be runnin
Where are you? You must be runnin
Where are you? You must be runnin
Where are you? You must be runnin
Where are you?

[Verse 1: Classified]
I'm right here with a look of despair
And it's quite clear, why no one ever said life's fair
I can feel it gettin cold in the night air
Dreamin in a world where conditions are a nightmare
As I stare at my child in her high chair
I wonder what life is like in 25 years
Wipe her eyes clear as she cries tears
Prayin for the future, Lord answer my prayers
(Look), we can't save the world through a song
But I'll try to bring light to what you've known all along
The fame, big house, money and the nice whips
Is that what life is? I thought it was priceless
I thought it all was in the palm of our hands
But somehow we can't read the drawings in the sand
People go hungry and others get richer
Turn a blind eye and don't see the big picture
Gotta get our vision and better our position
Man against man, still killing for religion
The system ain't workin, so how we suppose to get along?
If this is life, tell me where the fuck we went wrong

[Chorus: w/ ad libs]

[Break: Saukrates]
Or are you in between
(Where are you?) Of gettin what you need
(Where are you?) And doin what you want
(Where are you?) Runnin, runnin

[Verse 2: Classified]
Now I push on everyday but it's hard to ignore
When the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer
We all know the rich don't need 7 cars
Million dollar art or a 50 acre yard
Ancient antiques that they think are eye raisin
Thousand dollar shoes, that their friends say amazin
You think they realize the money that they wastin
While these crumblin nations could of used and embraced it?
I'm done complainin, I'm done frontin
Tryin to pass blame when, I ain't doin nothin
Middle class folks wanna sit and point fingers
I know we ain't rich but we ain't broke, come on think first
You think we need (this), liquor or weed (this)
XBox 360 to succeed?
And you think we need these designer jeans
These finer things for our life to be complete? (please)
I hate preachin, I know that I don't do enough
Tight with my money and I know that I should loosen up
Life is tough and I know that it can seem hard
But a lot of people are worse off then we are

[Chorus: w/ ad libs]


(Where are you?)

[Outro: Classified - talking]
The world's a little bit bigger than just the street you live on
Open up your eyes a bit