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Hard To Be Hip Hop

Yo class how u doing? dude, I'm back in the fax
I'm taking time off acting I gotta relax
I need a new beat

Yo freshtro I got a few treats
U been up in the city long?

Nah only two weeks

Cool well, sorry 'bout the weather
It's been raining all week I hope it gets a little better

Either way class listen, I got a I'll vision
Bout a song I'm working on you think you got the right rythm?

Man c'mon, you know I got some shit that'll break your neck
I used up what I want but you can take what's left

Don't give me bullshit dog, you know (I blazed a set?)
You know you got something saved for west

I got a I'll concept hip hop
How to pay a real line?
1987 I be reppin all this hype? session
And I still be gettin stressin
You know it's hard to be hip hop

And ain't nobody stayin real
Don't pay bills when you showcase skill
Ain't nobody living off of doing windmills,
I'm painting train rails, that's real
It's hard to be hip hop

You know it's hard to be hip hop

I got no glassy? grills, so my raps ain't real
Cause I don't pack steal then my tracks appeal

And to the mass appeal watch how fast they fail
Yeah I'm hip hop son until my cats get sealed
It's hard in a culture when the fans are fickled
Understand my issue, your old man will diss you

One minute your whack and then your jams official

And then they switch again,

Two bottles of cancer hit you
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First they loved L L,

Then they hated him

And then they loved him again,

Then they degraded him

So lately, basically, I don't know if I can play though
When survival of the fittest, let me see what kind of shape I'm in

Yo stro when I was younger like 19
I could spend all day writing rhyme schemes
Spittin, freestylin, cypherin the streets
But now I got responsibilities

Yo it's hard to be hip hop

No this is not an illusion

Cats are killing me luke
Thinking lifes like a video shoot
They ain't spittin the truth

Tru, I got a similar view
But I guess that's the damage the industry do
I'm 28 unemployed, a grown ass man
Still trying to rap with no fall back plan

Go all out fan you got nothing to lose
Cause only to yourself you got something to prove

Yeah we gotta be hip hop it's all that we know
Blaze up the shelto stro

Yo on with the show
Get the drum track going

Ok enough small talk
But whatever you drop, keep it hard

It's gotta be hip hop
You know it's hard to be hip hop

Gotta be hip hop