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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Only Slaves D.R.E.A.M.

Do you think that the powers that be*
Are goin' to let you do what you want to do for eternity?
Of course you don't, so what do you fear?
Why you spazzin' out, why you so scared?
Everybody wanna be first, nobody wants to be last
Do you think a God that created this would watch all of us die while others just laugh?
What happens when the money system crash?
And there's no more value in the cash?
You gon' suck dick and sell ass?
You gon' try to fight back with' ya hands?
You probably gon' change your money into gold
You gon' use that to try and buy soul
Buy some drugs with it, buy a peice of hole
Don't tell me, I don't wanna know
You need to come up with a better plan
The Devil smash metal weapons like glass
Right now we out-matched and out-classed
We have to stay on a spiritual path
'Cause in the absence of love we blastin' one another with blood
Media shows up to capture the buzz
I'm a child of God and a rapper from the gutter
I'm six of one and half a dozen of the other
This is not one of those 'I told you so' moments
This is just Canibus being open
Lower egoic minds brush aside
But can't nullify the high science that is coming from the rhymes
I couldn't believe it the day that I was told
That every person alive does not have a soul
And is not in control of these cotton pickin' bowls
Politicians declare the war of attrtion on the globe
And stole all the fishin' holes
Grandma got the chitlins on the stove,
That'll overload the senses in your nose
Young folk can't even afford to get old
How many Youtube views before you go gold?
How many albums last week you sold?
How many leak downloads?
Oh, you still believe in Soundscan, bro?
Don't be discouraged
Write and produce and record and you love it
This is your Art, and that's the point of it
When you get paid from it, things change people behave stubborn
And say rude things to judge it
They want you to thug it, so they can have you like a test subject
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Handcuffed and take mug shots of it
I told you before I'm nobodies spit puppet
I say what I want, you take what you want from it
This is a social experiment put on by the public
Hip Hop is completely corrupted
You ain't rappin' 'bout that, you ain't rappin' 'bout nothin'
I ain't never gon' starve, I been white tail huntin'
Ya'll motherfuckers is buggin', speakin' with no substance
Hip Hop's the way it is because of you cousin
It ain't my fault, you locked me out of it
99 percent of my fans ain't nothin'
But scumbag, scumbuckers, blood suckin', cock fuckers
My lyrics too advanced for the average block hustler
You know my name, I'm deeply inspired
On a mountain lion meat diet, eat and be quiet
Recycle the fire and deep fry it
That line is hot, but you said it before, you get a C-
My shit is timeless like the Great Wall of China
Sick in the biggest way like a dinosaur virus
Spreadin' through Verizon Wireless
Homeland Securities tryin' it, just to see if you lyin' Bis
They step to me, never thought it would happen like this
You a flight risk, we need that microphone back Bis
Diversionary tactics, Magik madness
Canibus, you can't leave this miserable prison planet, God damnit
We don't care what you're fans think
'Cause 99 percent of all of the don't exist
The observer changes the properties of the observed
This is done with your mind, not with your words
Word? Yeah, I'm about to show you nerds
You book worms really startin' to get on my nerves
I can't talk like you, but I can understand you
I know what this entire ordeal can expand to
I love Hip Hop, I've always been a fan too
I'm a big fan of everything you do
I appreciate the purchases, the online searches
I hope you enjoy the verses, it was great to be of service
This was always my purpose
I'm always workin' to be a better person everyday
And still growin' like the Earth is
Peace to the Gods and the Earths, kid

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