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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Beat Butcha Get 'Em

As we proceed to emcee
Keep it real recognize the skills over the beat
Hold up, don't shine your boots up, you still suck
You can't rhyme like this unless you rhymin' with us!
Fuck the questions, find out for yourself
You got to find out who you help,
Service to brothers, service to others, service to self
There's no way to tell, even if you got a mic in your grill
You wanna sell? It's got nothing to do with being ill
I rock bells with a glass of water and a melatonin pill
Put your soul into a spell, stay still
The universe movin' at a pace
Perhaps it'll all be revealed
For me this all happened because of a record deal
For you this happened because of what you all feel
And now nobody can copy me, I am my own technology
You pay homage to me electronically
One out of three speak about they flawed philosophies
Betrayal, that is the cause of all hypocrisy
We are living in the garden of technocracy
I am my own technology, 10,000 G
Whats the weight of a light beam? Ask Killah Priest
He gon' tell you that your soul is not ready to be released
I'm a king with a slaves pair of feet, a flat-footed freak
I walk around hooded in the streets, lookin' for beats
The djinn creep lookin' for beef
They lookin' for the emcees with the invisible speech
So do not even look up at what you are beneath
Just stare straight ahead and pretend you're on the beach
My breathing becomes labored after they shock me with a taser
I fell to my knees then they shot me with a laser
Beat Butcha, 1,000 bar street pusher like that
Snap, spring coil tap, release trigger
Melatonin Magik, metal drones with payload attachments
Shoot me in the head 'til I stop rappin'
Jaecyn Bayne, Son One, Propane Germaine
One day I'mma show you what we all made
Melatonin Magik, the golden child chanted
Daddy, the cell phone got too much static
Melatonin Magik is now trackin' all known air traffic
Unknown traffic, just red flag it
Melatonin Magik, go to sleep, do not panic
The heart of your soul is in the planet
Melatonin Magik, turn your face to the left you maggot
Don't look at me unless you wanna challenge
Get 'em!

Architect, Chopp Devize, Reverse Polarity
Optic eyes in the skies
Melatonin Magik for minds like mines