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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Gold And Bronze Magik

Melatonin Magik emcee...
1,2, and 3...

You are the reflection of an illusion
You do not exist
What you feel is real, everything else is a script
That they wrote for me
I hallucinate creepy crawlies
Rhymin' is a hobby, you can't even talk to me
Djs, radio stations, millions of listeners are prisoners
Their salvation is not your business
Canibus spit when Canibus wanna spit shit
Got that? Don't let me have to tell you again
The Western world is spiritually sterile, in great peril
We in the concrete jungle where they spank apes with the metal
I rhyme for the betterment of the culture
I don't spit no hot sixteens for promotion
Or corporate vultures who act like they own us
Self-expression is our birthright, not a bonus
Hip-hop can govern
Come together and show the whole world somethin'
The voices of the not so beloved

Melatonin Magik emcee...
1,2, and 3...
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I spit it till I'm free

This is lyrical law
The golden flame turns the gold bars into bronze
It draws upon magik from the stars
This is one more installment of lyrical law
If everything is in good order, I spit some more
The moral of the story is this
Don't get pissed because your upbringing was strict
'Cause life is a gift
You got food to eat
you got teeth to eat it with
Shoes on your feet
Don't be conceited, be content
Even when you lose, think about what you did to win
If you did the best that you can, you did a good thing
But you shouldn't smoke weed if you swim
Don't buy assault rifles, don't fight dogs, don't hit your girlfriend
Don't mix cocaine with unprescribed medicine
And don't say you're sober if you plan to do it again
With that said
Sleep tight tonight when you go to bed
This is public service announcement 2010