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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

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【 暫存 】

Album songs:
1.Aids Is Gold, Hiv Is Platinum

2.Beasts From The Ease

3.Boyz 2 Men

4.Can't Stop The Shining


6.Gone Till November


8.How Come

9.I'll Bust 'em, You Punish 'em


11.It's Logic

12.Make A Name For Ourselves

13.Music Makes Me High

14.No Airplay


16.Real Shit

17.Reebok Commercial Part 1

18.Reebok Commercial Part 2

19.Second Round Knockout (extended Version)

20.Shout Out To Lost Boyz

21.Shove This Jay-oh-bee

22.Some Shit


24.Phuk U



27.2nd Round Knockout

28.Lost @ 'C'

29.Hiphop. Exclusive

30.Rip The Jacker

31.Stan N Can (Provided)

32.Who Owns You?

33.You Can't Fuck With The Canibus Man


35.Time Flies, Life Dies… (Intro)

36.Mikey Destruction, Devastating Tito & DJ Slice


38.The House of Slaughter

39.Lost at C

40.U Didn't Care (Eminem diss)

41.Patriots - Album Version (Edited)

42.Buckingham Palace - Album Version (Edited)

43.Let's Ride - Album Version (Edited)

44.Channel Zero - Album Version (Edited)

45.Hype-Nitis - Album Version (Edited)

46.What's Going On - Album Version (Edited)

47.Niggonometry - Album Version (Edited)

48.Rip Rock - Album Version (Edited)

49.The C-Quel - Album Version (Edited)

50.2000 B.C. (Before Canibus) - Album Version (Edited)

51.Life Liquid - Album Version (Edited)

52.Watch Who U Beef Wit - Album Version (Edited)

53.Mic-Nificent - Album Version (Edited)

54.Die Slow - Album Version (Edited)

55.Lost At C - Album Version (Edited)

56.100 Bars - Album Version (Edited)

57.Chaos - Album Version (Edited)