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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Melatonin Magik (Intro)

'Need some help? No I'm enjoying myself, thank you!'

Melatonin is the hormone that regulates
every other hormone system in the body
And when we mix up our nights and days
its screws up our appetites, it makes us eat more
it puts us at risk for a whole lot of diseases
including hypertension, and heart disease
and diabetes , and cancer

Melatonin is impossible to stop its creation process
Even when you leave the earth, it will carry on creating
for you
crating for you and serving you
This is where all conscious minds, comes into picture so
your subconscious mind creates everything that you need
So we have a monster in our midst (melatonin)
you make an effort towards this, it goes to a whole
different level

So my giant mind is always jumping all over the place
on what it's going to say next
Basically it's not a good idea
You're going down a road that's going to lead to
Bask and submit to the power, the power
that powers all of this
They can't allow this to happen (mm-hmm)

Right now what we are discussing is a party of our
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whether we, whether we know it or not

And idea to go to another level melanin spiritually
is for it to sit in the brain, to go forward into the mind

Keep creating, you see what I'm saying
And that's cause cause cause change is supreme

When you, when you put more focus on it
Knowing that with more effort in your thought
It goes to a whole different level, that random acts

To sum it all I don't, ah this is all I do, umm
Because if I had melatonin, God oh lord he got a whole
lot of knowledge
How does he do this? Well if I worked and did somethin
I would split my, concentration in half - y'know
And as a result y'know you would get dischordant
If people who study, the ancient mystics
know that the earth is heating up and they know
that certain things is happening, we are evolving as a species
So what they do is, they make us scared of that
(overlapping dialogues)

Look there! see what you made me do?