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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Title 17 USMC

I'm in a meeting with the Surgeon General of written texts
The battery of 1000 psychological tests
I am exhausted and stressed but I continue to press
She asked me if I'm the best. I signed languaged back YES
Spell words wrong, when writtin down rhymes nowadays
My hairs are beginning to Grey, that's why I'm a shave
The sky dark purple, low crawl through the wormhole
Took me back to 1998 at Universal
2008 I'm eternal
You know I'm still nice with the verbals, and I ain't even heard you
Your views. Your virtues
Whatcha goin do when Martial Law curfews lock down your Rock Band Rehearsal
Got ground zero asthma cancer
Buried on the moon as the top Hip-Hop Commander
After talkin to Paul Laffoley, he spoke about perigee and apogee
Something that I understood naturally
The mindscape, the other atmosphere is my space
But in my case, I seem trapped by the rhymes that I make
Canibus code for a data tabulated below [? ]
It's the end of the world you know, glad you made it to the show
According to Title 17 USC, section 107
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Canibus is just an MC
I'm a Reggaeton rap translated from Jamaica
You a hater with that white boy hodgy behavior
You could say what you say, but, my catalog greater
Everything you heard before with more layers
Poet Laureate V, why didn't they accept me?
If I remember correctly, let's see
The 'C' of Tranquility, the mind will ascend
The audio will blend into multiples of 10
The lies we have been told really are the truth
So together we will all learn again what we knew
Proud to have come so far, spit another bar
The carousel issue continues to revolve unresolved
Take my hand Ripper Grand Wizard chain of command
Take this torch to another land, tell them who I am
The riot squad robot look like Robocop photoshopped
Heckler and Koch, Semi auto stock
I speak into the Mic, leaves fall off the 'Tree of life'
BUT next Fall I'm a see if you nice

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