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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Pine Comb Poem

The 'C' of Tranquility
Canibus spit for infinity
I revolve with the Earth lyrically, uh

Yea ya'll wassup, The Ripper right here Can-I-Bus
Yo, yo

I rest alone in a cold cabin composed of stone from old agate
A sarcophagus filled with gold tablets
The archaeological dig-site
Excavated the bone matter of this unknown rapper
The blood of the Gorgon was used as the cure for the poison
The poison that destroyed his organs
His DNA was shaped like a series of sideways 8's
Space-time is converted to time-space
The soundwave signals looks like ocean tides when they ripple
He spit to precision instrumentals
Sidewinder rhymes hit you, split you
The target area surface was no wider than a nickel
Control Room simple... His chair was chiselled from quartz crystal
It gets so hot, his skin sizzle
He piloted the missile from a digital menu
Inside remote headgear he would put on to look into
By mastery of the mental he was able to see
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What the past and future civilizations had been through
Acoustic imagery transmitted through the music and energy
When I'm spitting no distance can limit me
The gallery of my art was prefabricated and placed in a Ark
But grave robbers rip the pages apart
They got caught, whoever told me the secret is now dead
I cannot tell you or I will end up like them!
The meaning of these rhymes are dead to the modern day mind
Even if you hear this a thousand times
Because of this many have died
Your inner light will not shine if your Pineal gland is calcified
The silver cord is a metaphor for the will of the Lord
I was called to climb aboard and explore
That's when I saw the Tree of Life in the yard
The apples on the floor were gored to the core!
The coil spirals remind you, but be mindful
External experience reflects what's inside you
Inside us all, behind the wall
Inside your skull, but exposed in a song
AHHHHHH, I was struck in an electrical storm
The flesh on my left arm is scarred the mic's gone!