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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

The Messenger's Message

Yeah, every man see him 'Sail to Byzantium'
For those that can't see him, they lost man leave him
Transparent transceiver, no hand lever
On the hand receiver, the signal gets weaker
Sales of street polymer gels that form hardened shells that repel
Interrogative drills in the torture cell
Sounds like Hell, not exactly
Rap for me, this human's cavity interacts with me
Blood, liver, and lungs, external viscera thugs
Cutting me up with glitter covered gloves
I ran out the building, ran to the building where I parked
Why my children not in the car? !
I am not unravelling, I am calm,
I'm staying at Bigelow Arkansas obeying the law, playing GRAW
They ask questions with Russian like aggression
From the on screen projector, what is your intention?
Moratorium? I got four of them, meet me in the auditorium
I'm a show you how to talk to them
Right handed MC, used to be lefty
When direction don't effect me, my spotter corrects me
Open the eyelid, check behind him like crazy Ivan
On the coastliner, Psilocybin, crazy rhyming
With third Density binding, galactic plane timing
The Pleistocene is rising, I cannot describe it
Lavatory tidy and quaint, brand new paint
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Laboratory, huge, sprawling, brand new warheads
Space grunts line up face front
Base jump into the waste dump, complete Phase 1!
Bone shards scattered all over the boneyard
We low crawl paying no attention to our nose at all
I see the beast pupil size increase
Seen it grab somebody off the street, bite and release
I decrease my silhouette, try to lay flat
Zero in where the chest and the neck intersect
Take a breath than hold it, but only for a moment
Stay focused or your first one'll be your last soldier
Woke up in the Infirmary, here's your papers
Thank us for your service, young man, see you later
Cardboard papers signs
'I will eat rhymes three times a day if you could only spare me a dime'
Real Hip Hop spitting, that's how I'm living
I mount my weapon like I mount my women
Intercept correct beats, sleep search collect and keep
If I like it let's meet next week
The mind of a weirdo, it's not really clear where he goes
Nobody here really knows...
Everybody wanna ask questions, don't pay attention to the messenger
Listen to the message!

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