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The Tangent

Paroxetine - 20mg

I'm stuck here right now in this rushing scene
Buses cars and taxis, gotta keep myself clean
The word on the street is a word that I don't know
With my lack of vocals, I'm a level below

And I call this number, I call a name,
The dialtone is all that remains
Leaving me in this empty day

Lighting up my life a bit with chocolate and pills
The dull safe glow of boredom is a cure for all ills
And I call my doctor and I see a shrink
But they don't even know what to think,
Prescribe the shit that gets me through each day

So take it easy, take it slow
Passing me by while I don't know
Deep inside I feel the tingle of the numb
Paroxetine will heal me
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If only I could feel me

The city's just this alien place that I walk thgough
The traffic's going nowhere, just round and round,
The shoppers are buying nothing for their baskets,
Just mingling the umbrellas into a cloud

Days of solitude and days of action
Merge into a grey tarpaulin sky

On my bike, forgotten where I'm going,
The junctions merge and deviate at times
Lorries taking nothing as far as nowhere
Like scalextric cars grip the white lines

Paroxetine can heal me
If I could only feel me

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