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【 Le Sacre Du Travail 】【 2013-07-23 】

Album songs:
1.1st movement Coming Up On The Hour (Overture) (Provided)

2.2nd movement Morning Journey & The Arrival

3.3rd movement Afternoon Malaise

4.4th movement A Voyage Through Rush Hour (Provided)

5.5th movement Evening TV

6.Muffled Ephiphany

7.Hat (Live at Mexborough School 1979)

8.Evening TV (Radio Edit)

Album Intro:

2013 release, the seventh studio album from the Progressive Rock band led by Andy Tillison. Le Sacre Du Travail (The Rite Of Work) is an electric symphonia that features musical assistance from Gavin Harrison (drummer of Porcupine Tree) and Jonas Reingold (bassist of The Flower Kings).