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Album name Release Date  Song    
A Spark In The Aether 2015
1.A Spark In The Aether
2.Codpieces and Capes
3.Clearing The Attic
4.Aftereugene (Provided)
5.The Celluloid Road
6.A Spark In The Aether (Part 2)
Le Sacre Du Travail 2013-07
1.1st movement Coming Up On The Hour (Overture) (Provided)
2.2nd movement Morning Journey & The Arrival
3.3rd movement Afternoon Malaise
4.4th movement A Voyage Through Rush Hour (Provided)
5.5th movement Evening TV
6.Muffled Ephiphany
7.Hat (Live at Mexborough School 1979)
8.Evening TV (Radio Edit)
Not As Good As The Book 2010-04
1.A Crisis In Mid Life
2.Lost In London (25 Years Later)
3.The Ethernet
4.Celebrity Puree (Provided)
5.The Future Was Not As Good As The Book
6.A Sale Of Two Souls
7.Bat Out Of Basildon
8.Ours (Provided)
9.Theirs (Provided)
10.His (Provided)
11.Mine (Provided)
12.The D599
14.Last Tango (Provided)
15.Studio Tan
16.Not A Drill
18.The A1 North Of Paris
19.Four Last Days
20.The D599 And The A 61
Down And Out In Paris And London 2009-11
1.Where Are They Now?
2.Paroxetine - 20mg
3.Perdu Dans Paris
4.The Company Car
5.Ethanol Hat Nail (Canterbury Sequence Vol. 2)
6.Everyman's Forgotten Monday
The World That We Drive Through
1.The Winning Game
2.Skipping the Distance
4.The World We Drive Through
5.A Gap in the Night
The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery
1.The Sad Story of Lead and Astatine
3.Two Rope Swings
The Music That Died Alone
1.Up-Hill From Here
2.Night Terrors
Pyramids and Stars
1.The Canterbury Sequence
2.The Music That Died Alone
3.In Darkest Dreams
Going Off On One (Live)
1.GPS Culture (Live)
2.In Darkest Dreams (Pt. One) - Live
3.Skipping the Distance (Live)
4.The World We Drive Through (Live)
5.Lost In London (Live)
6.The Music That Died Alone (Live)
7.In Earnest (Live)
8.The Winning Game (Live)
A Place in the Queue
1.In Earnest
2.Lost in London
3.DIY Surgery
4.GPS Culture
5.Follow Your Leaders
6.The Sun in My Eyes
1.San Francisco (Radio Edit)
2.A Sale of Two Souls (live)
3.The Mind's Eye
4.Shoot Them Down
5.Tech Support Guy

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