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The Sad Story of Lead and Astatine

Ead is a plentiful and highly useful element of great stability and strength. Astatine is highly unstable, unpredictable and so unreliable as to not exist long enough to actually be held in one's hand...
I lose a friend again, it isn't hard
I thought I'd got past all that playground yard stuff
But in the end there's always that small matter of pride.
It gets so strong you know, gets in your head like caffeine in the morning Your blood is boiling and you're shaking now
And all those things you said don't matter anyhow but you persist!
You rationalise, and justify
I am a loser of time, I keep waiting for it
Catching me up on the downside of a word that I might regret. And you? Well, you're just the same!
And we haven't picked the phone up in months now
Stubborn silence like an empty carrier on the shortwave band No-one listening and nothing planned
We have no audience for our silence
And the years will pass by, there'll be no applause, There'll be no encores or victory laps this time There'll be no vote, there'll be no eviction
Just the humdrum... that truth is stranger than fiction
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Let's go flying, take some photos!
Play some music, I really miss that now!
But if I thought that everything I said WAS wrong
Would that make a difference? - I know! - I'll put it in a song! But in the end I'll just put my own point of view... to you...
... and that's how we got here!
I am a loser in tiime, I keep waiting for it
It's passing mo by in the search of an answer to a word I might regret It could be over - in moments! Like never said!
Words taken back and recycled
The old ones loft for dead
But we keep on shouting although there's nothing left to say
And every hour thnat passes adds up to a wasted day
When we could a

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