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The Tangent

A Sale Of Two Souls

The sun is hangin low now and the nights are drawing in
Everywhere I go are signs of autumn - the air seems thin
A new ache in a muscle, a new crack in some bone
Another word that just enters the new language on its own .... innit?

And I fail, every time I lose th trail, every time the paper-chase of this new race
Leads me into some darkened place, I flap my hands in effort to keep up
And I fail, every time I touch the braille, every time I run my fingers 'cross the words
I cannot read, the dots are blurred, there's nothing you can write that I can feel

Age! - creeping on me like rampage, carving lines upon my face
The fast distorting youth, the sunken eyes, the broken tooth,
The shadows of reflections I once knew
Old? - Not quite there yet, but I'm told days get shorter as you
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Mould them to your respective needs, shrinking as your life blood bleeds
Into someone else's system, or their veins

HOLD ON!!! for a moment! - the sky's as blue as when I was young!
And I've as much right to play there as the young guys
Beneath a billion-year-old sun.
And I still have my fingers, and they still push the keys
'Cos everyone I knew got older at the same rate as me

There are only two of me
One's lost in 1973, with faded loons and pom-pom hat, an afghan, CND, and all that
Peace and Love and Rock and Roll