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Canada 3000

My mind is pregnant
static metaphorical
.. high not drunk but …
manifest lyrically break down
.. kids artillery ...the force created is my lyrics and ways
.. in life deforest now let it curse when my .. get .. and I
rips and tones ...heard of the incapable stable them up
cables through their brains to disable them hit them with w deep .. blast
that penetrates them .. makes the .. disintegrate pick up the particles and chew them
spin it back .. details match out for veil remove the veil manifest curtail
as a life given sun our sons give 12 like fucking ..
district of Columbia understand the numbers and the system that you are under
… X file X wing .. 50 the best cause no recovery when you taste ..
inhalation dilated people .. chosen one .. have a sit paralyze them …
two fingers stretched .. civilization where I exist .. blood pressure rises to abruptly abrupt
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.. my cause corrupt don't interrupt and you just might hear it drop some silver tears from the heavenly spirit

10.000 maniac emerge from an oasis my son good was invented to .. smash pumpkins
how could a whole nations crushed out .. especially when they make giants
my B52 .. I cause fanatic .. spirit of the west .. zombies have no effects
.. I listen to .. for you too everyone is ranging against the machine ..
the more I do this parallel .. but nothing rises with orange
I am inspired and wired .. active mental .. terror is fabulous .. check the burn to stay more
.. the ice from my blanket and now I am taking plastic measures .. the mission is complete .. when I rap
the echoes .. I bring it on stay right the sky and I ..
God giving a gift .. you live on the edge I live .. getting hypnotic .. the end of the story

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