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Swollen Members


I thought we advised you to ... to stay close to the post
..state coach
...with someone similar to myself
the same taste but tell it we want it all or else
... directed to ...
In worst conditions i refuse to listen
Distance breaks, or breaks us all, you fall
amazing fall above the main...
..your energy for Mars
Instead .. that could send me to the stars
I eliminate enemies like a chemical dependency
Melodies are miserable, we ..for chemistry...
We talk like we..

I've landed on this planet and it seems that I'm odd
I was told of golden robots while holding a sword
Last call, all aboard!
Take a ride with aggression
...even lasting impression
Vigorously, we disfigure...
And still remain the most... of this chain of commandments
Find more lyrics at ※ the beast, this is...
God blessed the masterpiece, once in with the..
Release the .. new sound of the demented twist ...
Reduce men, come on, I spent the.. on this
the world and the music experiment this
no time for gentleness, I've got moves to make
Have fun riding the same bus that used to take
Chemical weapons, specialists that's here to diffuse
The shit you call.. cause that's yesterday's news.

..roll according to plan, can't change the coordinates
On course... by force, that's the limit
Mutilate the weak, and terrorize the timid.
We don't improvise or sympathize
we came into the ... broken glass
I highly... the strike..
willingly watch...
...riding unto the morning after the sun gets done
Disaster brings contempt...

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