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Swollen Members


[Album Intro:]
Thank you ladies and gentlemen
What is the ultimate truth? This
Hidden within each of us is not only the capacity to love and hate,
but to take that final step to be not only a creator, but a destroyer

A mad, unreasoning killer
Back to the animalistic
A monster that lies within each of us

[Verse 1 - Madchild:]
Back when I was high used to babble on drugs
Tony Montana in the Babylon club
Yippie-yi-yo kippie-yi-yi-yay
Used to sit around gettin' high all day
Now I work in the studio while y'all play
So I can get rich, fuckin' smile all day
Life's such a bitch, been poor so long
And everything that could, of course went wrong
Eating horse meat, feelin' like I'm 4 feet tall
At the airport, here them whisper 'he's so small'
Blue steel Dara licked my balls
New deal, what I spit's so raw
Skitzo derelict, disco heritage
Kids start blarin' and then kids go parakeet
Kids need therapy, kids sing merrily
Spread like malaria, right through your area
Strong like a barrier, raw rhyme carrier
I'm so skitzo, pitbull terrier
Fishbowl, lookin' from the inside out
With the scorpion's tail that has been dried out
Incredible, amazing
Forget it boy, I'm blazing
Rappers think they dreaded get beheaded in the basement
Red all on the pavement, permanent address
While I cut these rappers up like Terminator X

[Verse 2 - Prevail:]
Evil lets people's reps double then triple, yet
No good can come from it, no one you've ever met
Treble clef, rebel's rest, never get, Everest
Crow's nest, eagle's crest, second best, records cast
Patients, less effortless, stress is for emphasis
Ingest the asbestos and festers, ancestral orchestral
My elemental death code's the nemesis
The premise is stay off my premises
Genesis, jenum is paralysis
Renaissance, innocence
Inject like an insect and dissect your sidekick
In a psychic environment
Finish this sentiment
Detrimental entrails are spread across continents
Provinces, promises, anomalous, conglomerates
My dominance is obvious
Provocative and ominous
Lose like a locomotive, chokehold psychologists
Barren landscapes, seals fate in a

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