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White Python/Black Tarantula/Sound Of The Drum

[White Python]

White python, night lights on, Mike Tyson, I'm white lighting, complete freak on the beat by Viking, black jeep enemies don't like em, keep on fighting keep reciting, writing he will defeat these titans, speak like a king, live like a pirate, move like a gypsy, cause small riots, not tall giant, also flying, no joke no matter how broke I am, don't go crying, won't start lying, city's a joke, still [?], feel good as I am without doing dope, mad child clean like mouth full of soap, no doubt not out with the pros, just stay above water like houses afloat, small blue pills thousands of those, fact that's a place that I'll never go, [?]Centrifical force or the simplest flows like wind through the door.

[Black Tarantula]

Oil spill top kill fills at the mortuary, my life a wild life I'm live from the estuary, S.O. shell BPR [?]kill like military, spilling red liquid everywhere just like a bloody mary, bloody like the movie Karey, wise man mother Mary, secret symbolism come across like the [?], battle axe warriors I'm tattooed like a Maori, hear my war cry paralyze a [?], and how can he do what I can't, rocking it like [?], show me attitude and you'll get branded like a cattle ranch, man you spitting garbage bitch, I'm like a Harvard graduate, conception is immaculate, back from the dead like Lazarous, novelous protagonist, mice of men [?], dropping from my speech each and every letter broke alphabet [?], genetic spikes precisely accurate like [?]Calculus, vocal like [?]so fucking with me is hazardous, ferris wheel carousel kerosene they're the same, burn down the carnival, very strange penny lane, Beatles Rolling Stones Pink Floyd, black light acid trips sneaking to the void oh boy, I'm done, I'm tired of being a pawn on the chess board, war comes got straps and a vest for it, fuck pills fuck coke fuck escorts, fuck being a gangster and fuck being dead for it, white gold crushed chrome powdered aluminum, old school trains hop the bottom [?]rust [?]prevail I'm on your trail like Ho Chi Minh men, dude I'm too crude highly flammable petroleum.

[Sound Of The Drum]

Creator of this abstract dark art poetic style, mad child saying that boo [?]will be pathetic pal, least I didn't forget it beast still deeply embedded, this MC from BC still deeply regretting now, I lost concentration and focus on what was important, must have been the pills and all the coke I was snorting, now I'm telling all my folks that I'm sober and it's over but I know that if you put it to my nose I still could go for it, that's where I get the mind of myself I'm going over it, it's very dramatic to date a heroin addict, had a bad relationship good girl but wanted out like I was seeing ghosts and hearing voices in a haunted house, I'm known for fucking up and acting stupid and erratic, I get fully loaded like the bullets slipped into the clip and clicked into the pistol grips and semi automatics, I was a terrible addict but the kids back?

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