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Swollen Members

Sun Burn

No similarity clarity and variety
Pummeling perpetrators the rebel against society
Won't pause in my cause to battle rappers with floss
Like Wolverine diggin' deep in your skin with lyrical claws
Inflicting sores drop your drawers and get down on all fours
Wars, indeclared I'm fully stocked and prepared
Not scarred cause I'm ready to rip with Rock Steady
Raping pillage on village and set warriors on fire
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Then mangling mercenaries victorious versifier
I'm sick, vomit various vicious verses violently
The war cheif I carry a battle axe and walk silently
Then strike with vengence lock horns and dominate
Don't try to flight the inescapable forces of frightning ?
Innovative western natives combine and infiltrate
We take pride in the side where the sun sets nightly
Innovative creative western natives that rap tightly [x2]
Have you ever had to stand alone in the middle of a dope epitome
And nobodys got the remedy, everybodies your enemy
And you're thinkin to yourself you might be deader than a Kennedy
It's time to send in the Sentinals and Centries
Cause wedding bells and church chimes
Will shatter this whole century
Brain authenticity must you mind matter, 10 K.M. proximity
I'm extremely sorry that you're extremely sorry
Things have gotten out of hand and gone extremely awry
You ornery little varment
Keep your hands off the kings cloth and garment
All my mics are laced with flame retarded
I'm a flamable freestyler and a fire fighter writer
The Bic in your Bic lighter, the web spinning spider
The number one Silver Surfer MC's please let's make a merger
Before you get murdered
Might be the writing fighting exciting life
that we lead that's inviting
Biting definatly catchy throw rappers on a hauatchy
No matching I might break is the recital title takers
The friendly sky flyer the hectic electrifier
Two crowns the energetic genetic intensifier
Now enter the lion's den pumpin' iron aggressivly
Gettin' bent on a back road succulent secret recipes
Fuck you then try to mess with me
Preps controlling the drivers seat
In the back trench pench kissing teen queens saliva sweet
Privacy minamal breast caress the princess
Calls me her knight in shining armor saving damsels in distress
Adventorous sentous spacious malicious gracious
The final frontier for pioneers

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