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Game Recognize Game'(feat. Ms. Kane

[Man talking]
Sup pimps? Pimps aint pimpin now that's why they got to get out the game
Women have mo' money than the pimp, aint that cold?
Hoe have mo' money than the pimp
Hoe have mo' money than the pimp
Amen, Amen
Hoe got mo' money than the pimp

[1st verse Twista]
Do a playa like Twista got game I do declare
All these niggas out here claimin they pimpin truly there
Like new rhymes I got to feel these hoes I'm in there like booty hair
That's my duty there
And I got a public announcement for all you mufuckas worldwide
Word to me shit for Keenbean all let her pimp a dream team
If you aint got paper your girl tight
You let that girl slide
If it was me she would have to be out straight humpin
Shit she would have to do something
I was pumpin big back in 96' I need a new lick
But I got on a handle that function Legit Ballin or nuthin
I got it down kinda like dreadlocks
Smackin like Red Fox
Strollin slow
Smokin dro
Could you ever tell me how these ladies out here coulda flow
Paper than a pimp that's the way the game go

[chorus 2x]
That's the way the game go
This shit done changed
Niggas done switched roles
Pimps aint got more money than the old hoes

[2nd verse Ms. Kane]
Hmm, hmm, hmm ,hmm
Guess the po pimp need him a hood rat
Cause a chick like me want a house on a hill can you buy that
Where my ride at
Its type come out 99' stats
Let my ins, stack while you still po pimpin up in a old Lac
You got to school me though
Got me everything down to my kings so you owe it to dough
Treat a trick like flow it to dough
Don't be ashamed if your game fall short for the love of this hoe
The name Cane and I'm lovin the dough
Nigga holla all night if your talking bout given me mo'
Got a song that'll make you fall like a body like a bottle of Glyphs on shape
When I'm touchin the toes
Got you touchin the moves hittin the store
Type of daddy getting dollars from the block ha
Bet you pimpin in the block bringin me gifts furs and rocks
Ban Prada out of stock ha
Motion competition locked on
Getting Twista NBA droppin hot ones
I'm a chick and gotta clock ones
Get yo' game tight
You found it vic then you pop one


[3rd verse Twista]
Steady pimpin in the cream dog
Sip on some Hen
Gimme the flame
Show me the bud
Now I'ma pull a call
But its difficult when these lames all call bout
'Baby girl I don't wanna break your heart'
Steady drinkin off
Takin her out
Pickin her up
Come up off in the club offerin love
And softenin up
Where you get that game from huh bruh?
You comin weak and cant be pimpin her on the daily and leavin the dubs
Baby know you a scrub
You gotta be more like the pimps in the industry
Much love to Eightball and MJG, Too-Short and Ice-T
Pimp C, Bump B, and Suga-free
Playa exact is what you couldn't be
Cause you a lame used to have game but shit done changed
Couldn't take the reign caught up by these busy dames
And I heard you let em' the 6 and the Range
If you cant mack don't attempt to
Cause all women aint lame
Matter fact the hoes pimp too
Ms. Kane will fuck around and pimp you
Coulda had control of her but they way you trick her she meant to
You the type of pimp that's strange yo'
Have your girl flip the script on you or beat you out yo' change dough
I hang low smoking the furry cango
While these sucks looking for love somewhere over the rainbow
Cause that's the way the game go


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